‘American Pickers’: What Mike Wolfe Says That Led Him to Hiring Danielle Colby

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage)

For the last 10 years or so, the “American Pickers” dream team has consisted of Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby. Though Fritz has sadly left the show for good, we still get to see Wolfe and Colby on our screens every week.

Though before she became a co-host and picker, Colby primarily worked behind the counter at Antique Archeology. She helped Wolfe and Fritz find leads on new picks, and she handled the aftermath of their negotiations for rare vintage pieces. But how did Colby get involved with “American Pickers” in the first place?

Way back in 2010, when the show first started up, Wolfe, Fritz, and Colby did an in-person Q&A in Le Claire, Iowa. La Claire is the location of Antique Archeology shop, and it’s close to the hometowns of Wolfe and Fritz. One attendee filmed the Q&A, where Wolfe talked about how he knew Colby for 10 years before asking her to join “American Pickers.”

“When we sold the show to History, I needed to hire somebody that did what we did with the research,” Wolfe said. “And just dissecting things as far as where we were gonna go. And I asked her to do it, and she’s like ‘Are you guys nuts?”

But Wolfe said the arrangement “worked out really well.”

“I saw what she was capable of. She’s got the edge, she’s got the look,” Wolfe continued.

How Did Danielle Colby’s ‘Look’ Influence Mike Wolfe’s Decision to Hire Her for ‘American Pickers’?

In the Q&A, “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe continued talking about why he thought Danielle Colby was perfect for the job.

“One thing I wanted when I hired her and I knew she was gonna be on camera,” Wolfe said. “Is I wanted someone that did not look like they would work in any antique shop.”

Colby’s tattoos, piercings, and spunky clothing definitely capture the eye. They also add a little dimension and dynamic to the show, which Wolfe soon brought up.

“Because I wanted our show to be looked at in a different way. I wanted people to look at antiques like they’re fun, they’re rad, they’re killer, they’re awesome,” Wolfe concluded. “I wanted people to know that you don’t have to have a blue blazer and 10 cats to be an antique dealer. So I think we proved that now. Danielle has helped us do that.”

Her personality and presence on camera definitely help give the show a little extra something. And it certainly helps that she seems to really love what she does, from a historical standpoint. Like Wolfe said earlier, he needed to hire someone who’s down with research and can spend all day narrowing in on a clue here or there. And Colby more than fit that bill.