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‘American Pickers’: Here’s Where Danielle Colby Gets Inspiration for Her Tattoos

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Danielle Colby is the backbone of American Pickers. She manages the flagship Antique Archeology shop. At the same time, she sets up many of the locations for Mike to visit and pick. However, above everything else. Dani is a collector. She loves vintage style. In fact, she met Mike Wolfe while trying to buy a vintage lamp at a yard sale.

However, one look at Danielle Colby will let you know that antiques aren’t the only things that she collects. She also sports an impressive tattoo collection. It has taken her years to gather all of the ink on her skin and it doesn’t look like she is going to stop adding new pieces anytime soon.

If you want to catch a glimpse of Danielle Colby’s tattoo collection, just scroll through her Instagram feed. She doesn’t have any posts just to show off her ink. However, it is on full display in many of her photos. For instance, check out the stunning vintage-inspired pic below to get an idea of the size of her collection of permanent art. You can see that she has large portions of her arms and chest inked. In other posts, you can see the art on her back, legs, and abdomen. Overall, her collection is impressive.

Back in 2019, Danielle Colby sat down with Freshly Inked Magazine to talk about a wide range of topics. They discussed her work with American Pickers, how she met Mike and her various collections. At one point, they talked about where she finds the inspiration for all of her tattoos.

Danielle Colby on Her Ink Inspiration

Freshly Inked asked, “Where do you find inspiration for your tattoos?”

Danielle Colby said that a large portion of the inspiration behind her ink comes from her friends and family. She added that her tattoos are all very personal. Each one is there for a “very specific,” reason.

Dani went on to say that much of her inspiration comes from the artists who put the ink in her skin. About that, she said, “I really enjoy it when an artist feels their inspiration and they follow their own bliss.” Then, she shouted out her favorite tattoo artist. “Patrick Cornolo at Speakeasy Tattoo in Chicago is my perfect match for this.”

She went on to say that she knows that collecting tattoos isn’t all about her. “When I’m collecting tattoos, I’m collecting somebody’s art, having somebody else’s beautiful artwork on my body, in line with the theme I’m looking for.”

Danielle Colby concluded by saying that her greatest inspiration comes from the artists she chooses to work on her at the end of the day. “I guess my greatest inspiration is the artist I’m working with. If they are inspired and educated and well-practiced, it’s usually a pleasure to be tattooed by them.