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‘American Pickers’: Why Danielle Colby Doesn’t Have Much Time for ‘Hobbies’

by Josh Lanier
(Via Getty Images)

American Pickers star Daniel Colby stays on the move. She’s always either hitting the road on a pick or hitting the stage with her burlesque dance troupe. And that leaves little time for much else.

So, when Freshly Inked Magazine asked the American Pickers taskmaster how she spent her free time, she replied, what free time?

“Mostly hanging out with my family these days if I’m not working,” she said in the 2019 interview. “Honestly, I love my work so much I pretty much only work. I mean, I work in the entertainment industry with burlesque, the costuming industry with burlesque, the vintage industry with American Pickers, I travel to pick constantly, I really don’t have much time for hobbies.”

Colby added that, for this reason, it’s great that she loves her job.

“So it’s a good thing that I really love my work, I’m constantly designing costumes or repairing vintage costumes, I think that takes up most of my time outside of American Pickers and Antique Archaeology,” she added. “The other thing I really enjoy is reading.”

Colby has two adult children. She also recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Jeremy Scheuch in December, The Sun reported.

Part of the success of American Pickers belongs to Danielle Colby. But so does part of its conception. She explained to Freshly Inked that she told her co-star Mike Wolfe to film his picks because she didn’t believe his “crazy” stories.

“I believe he came up with the idea because none of us believed his crazy stories,” Colby told the magazine. “He would come back from a pick, two weeks on the road, he would have all these crazy stories about the people he ran into and the places he stayed. He had to film it to prove it to us. That actually worked out pretty well for him, didn’t it?”

American Pickers’ Colby Has Always Stayed Busy

Long before she was helping arrange picks for Mike Wolfe and formerly Frank Fritz, Danielle Colby was a competitive athlete.

The American Pickers star played professional roller derby for several years, she explained to Yuppie Punk in 2010. And, of course, she couldn’t just play the game. She also owned and managed the team.

“I owned a roller derby team and after three years of roller derby, I pretty much tore my body up,” she explained why she gave up the game. “The roller derby team I owned was called the Big Mouth Mickies, which was just a bunch of Irish girls that got together because we really wanted to do roller derby.”

Colby said three to five years is the “top shelf” for a roller derby player because the sport is so physically demanding and dangerous. After the team split up, some of the players joined her on her next venture as a burlesque dancer. And, yes, Colby ran the troupe.

Colby told Fox News that she fell in love with burlesque after seeing comedienne Margaret Cho’s bawdy variety show The Sensuous Woman.