‘American Pickers’: Why Danielle Colby Feels ‘Incredibly Thankful’ for Role on Show

by Joe Rutland

Never let it be said of “American Pickers” co-host Danielle Colby that she is not thankful for having a part on The History Channel show.

It’s quite the contrary.

Colby talked about being on there with boss and co-host Mike Wolfe during an interview with “The Sailor Jerry Podcast.”

“I mean it’s my life,” she said of being involved with “American Pickers.”. “I wake up every day to it and I get it.

“I’m in a real fortunate position that I think every move that I’ve made in history and with my job has been very intentional over the last 10 years,” she said. “You know, I feel being in an industry like this you just have to set very clear boundaries, especially if you are working with family.

‘American Pickers’ Co-Host Feels Thankful For Having Same Group of People In Her Life

“I’m incredibly thankful to maintain relationships with the same group of people for 10-plus years,” Colby said. She’s been working for Wolfe at his shop in LeClaire, Iowa, for a long time.

“And to walk away from every single one of those relationships and feel thankful for the time together,” the “American Pickers” host said. “Real human compassion for the s–t people are going through because over 10 years, you go through some s–t.

“And to be able to have the opportunity to be able to talk through things is the thing I’m most thankful for,” Colby said. “Because a lot of people don’t understand how to have that in their lives or how to set boundaries.”

American Pickers” has been on The History Channel for 22 seasons. This is the first one for Colby to actually have co-host duties. Wolfe moved her into that spot after longtime co-host Frank Fritz was fired during the summer months of 2021.

Colby Aimed Some Choice Words Toward Former Co-Host Frank Fritz on Podcast

Colby has a diverse background besides being involved in the “picking” business. She has been a part of the burlesque scene as a dancer. Also, Colby spent time trying to be the next “Blonde Bomber” Joanie Weston in roller derby.

But she’s put the skates up nowadays and finds herself on one of television’s most popular shows.

Speaking of Fritz, Outsiders, Colby had some words to say about him.

She is not too pleased by the former co-host’s “dramatic exit.”

According to Colby, the world of entertainment can leave people with rather bigger-than-life egos.

“In the entertainment industry, that ego gets so real so fast,” she said to “Sailor Jerry.”

Outsiders, catch her alongside Wolfe on The History Channel when “American Pickers” appears. You can watch them pick through antiques and collectibles every week.