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‘American Pickers’: Why Danielle Colby Thinks She’s the ‘Weirdo’ Between Her, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

“American Pickers” star Danielle Colby is definitely the artistic one on the show. If you look at her Instagram photos, it doesn’t take long to see that. She’s been pretty candid about her inspirations and her passions – which include art and burlesque among being a professional picker. However, the television star says she thinks she’s the ‘weirdo’ when it comes to her and her co-stars.

In a local television interview with WREG TV, Colby shares that Mike Wolfe has always been fascinated by bicycles since he was a young child. She says he was known to find old bikes, fix them up and sell them. Frank Fritz on the other hand, has always had a fascination with motorcycles and cars, she says. In the midst of that, Colby says she’s kinda the weirdo who likes everything else.

Colby’s personality fits well with Mike Wolfe and the former co-star Frank Fritz. She truly brings her personality to the show, sharing her love of unique and odd items that she finds worthy of picking.

Further, Colby says she got into the lifestyle by hanging out with some church ladies. It was there she found she could take something old and make it new again.

“American Pickers” Star Shares Importance of Patience in Industry

“We weren’t rich people,” the “American Pickers” star explains about her family, “So I kind hung out a lot with the ladies at church, the more mature ladies, and they would kind of take me through their houses and give me their little bobbles and things and dresses. And I would take them home and make them fit me.”

And as that passion took hold of her, Colby learned the ways of antiquing. She eventually linked with Mike Wolfe. The pair’s keen sense for finding junk and making it new again would spur a career – and really – a nationwide trend that is “American Pickers.”

Traveling across the country year-round, the duo still love finding interesting objects to transform.

Colby explains that this job isn’t for everyone. There’s a lot of failure and hard work involved. It takes a certain amount of patience as well as a true passion.

“I don’t think that enough people have enough drive to do – it’s a very hard job,” Colby told interviewer, Sebastian Tabany. “So, I think that a lot of people who probably start doing it realize how dirty and sweaty and demanding the job is and at that point will just probably back away from doing it. And then we come in.”

However, the payoff is priceless. When the pickers are able to transform an item back to its original form, it’s like night and day. The journey, Colby says, is truly worth it in the end.