‘American Pickers’: Why Mike Wolfe Once Ran for a Political Office

by Clayton Edwards

We know Mike Wolfe best as the host of American Pickers. However, he led a pretty interesting life before he finally sold the reality show to the History Channel over a decade ago. Since then, he has opened two Antique Archeology stores to sell his vintage finds. One of those is in Le Claire, Iowa. The other is in Nashville, Tennessee. He has also been on a handful of other reality shows and even made an appearance on NCIS. However, at one time, Mike ran for political office.

In February of last year, Mike Wolfe made an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning to talk about picking, his show, and his life. At one point during the show, Mike opened up about why he wanted to run for office when he was younger.

The narrator announced that Mike Wolfe ran for city council in Le Claire, Iowa. Then, Mike opened up about why he wanted to take the office. Standing on Main Street in Le Claire, Iowa, Wolfe told Lee Cowan, “I ran for city council because I used to walk down these streets at night with my dog and think about what this place could be.”

Digging Deeper Into Mike Wolfe’s Political Aspirations

Throughout the seasons of American Pickers, fans have watched Mike buy rusted-out motorcycles and bicycles because he knew he could restore them. It seems that his passion for bringing old and decaying things back to their former glory doesn’t stop with the rusty gold he finds on the road. In fact, it extends to Wolfe’s hometown.

Mike Wolfe calls Le Claire, Iowa home. Like many small towns in America’s midwest, Le Claire’s Main Street was falling apart. Many of the old buildings stood vacant and in a state of neglect and disrepair. So, Mike hoped to get on the city council to work toward restoring those buildings.

That didn’t work out. However, not getting a seat on the city council didn’t stop Mike Wolfe from trying to revive Main Street. In fact, he has purchased and restored commercial buildings in both Le Claire, Iowa and Columbia, Tennessee.

He is proud of the work he has done to restore Main Street buildings in both small towns. However, his favorite is probably what is now a bike shop and vacation rental in Columbia, Tennessee. The rental space, called Two Lanes Guesthouse sits on the top floor of the building. He said that he wants those rentals to be comfortable enough for a long weekend. To make them a little more interesting, he used items that he found on the show to decorate the spaces. So, fans of American Pickers can stay there and see some of the items that they watched Mike and Frank find.