‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Explains Why His Brother Robbie Wears Him Out in Interview

by Amy Myers

A pick is only as exciting as its finder. And when it comes to American Pickers star Mike Wolfe, he has enough energy to spare with all of his fans. The antiques expert travels the country looking for rare Americana items essential to our nation’s culture. When he finds a piece unlike any other, his enthusiasm is palpable. Fans are well-familiar with Wolfe’s energy on screen, and it’s become an essential part of the reality series. However, as Wolfe explained in an interview with Vegas Film Critic Jeffrey K. Howard, he’s not even the most energetic in his family.

Whenever Wolfe had to step away from filming American Pickers for other priorities, brother Robbie always stepped to help find the next impressive pick. Like his older brother, Robbie had a passion for finding unique and antique items hidden in unsuspecting residents’ garages and basements.

But that’s not all the guest star has going on in his busy life. As Wolfe explains, his little brother (by only a year and a half) has five kids, including two twin girls, that keep him busy.

“My brother is really incredible,” the American Pickers star said with a chuckle. “He’s always wearing me out. He’s always on a pick, or he’s at a soccer game or he’s running another business that he has.”

Despite all that Robbie manages to accomplish, Wolfe doesn’t seem to be too envious. In fact, just listing all of his brother’s various activities is enough to exhaust him.

“People think I have energy,” Wolfe said. “He’s got way more energy than I do.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Says History Channel, Too, Wears Him Out

Even with all of the energy and charisma Mike Wolfe brings to American Pickers, it seems he could use an extra shot of espresso to keep up with the demands of the job. Outside of his regular filming schedule, Wolfe receives hundreds of submissions from fans that believe what they found was worthy of the show’s speculation. Among them was even his interviewer, Jeffrey K. Howard.

During their conversation, Howard revealed that he sent the American Pickers star a genuine Harley Davidson Junior mini leather jacket several years ago.

“Well, I appreciate that very much,” Wolfe told his host. “We’ve been working hard on it. The History Channel’s wearing us out, but it’s a blessing.”

Surely, with all the new adventures that American Pickers has created for Wolfe, the fan-mail pile is getting a bit arduous. Of course, there may be other crew members that handle submissions, but with 22 seasons within the past ten years, the show might need a warehouse for these findings alone. Perhaps in a future episode, the show’s star will spend time looking through the untapped gold mine of historical American elements.