‘American Pickers’: Why Has the Show Never Visited Utah?

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Brian Killian/WireImage via Getty Images)

American Pickers has been on the air for over a decade and produced 22 seasons. Over the years, Mike and, up until recently, Frank traveled the country searching for their next big find. To those not paying too much attention, it would seem that they’ve been everywhere. However, there are a few states that the big white van has never traversed. Utah is on that list of states that have been seemingly neglected by the show.

Some American Pickers fans can’t understand why they’ve never gone to Utah to prospect for rusty gold. After all, the state has some interesting history. There are bound to be heaps of antiques and other relics of bygone eras just waiting to be hauled off to Le Claire or Nashville for display in one of Mike’s stores.

It turns out that there is a good reason behind the American Pickers crew avoiding Utah and its neighboring states. The short answer here is that the climate is all wrong for picking.

According to Love to Know, dry climates like the ones found in Utah and its neighbors are disastrous for many kinds of antiques. This is the one time when “it’s a dry heat,” isn’t a selling point. This is especially true for anything that is made of wood or relies on lubricants or adhesives to stay in good enough condition to be of interest to the American Pickers crew.

For instance, the wood dries out and begins to warp in dry climates. The lack of moisture in the air pulls moisture out of the wood. As a result, collectors have to store their antiques in controlled environments. Otherwise, the dry air will prematurely age most items. Additionally, lubricants and adhesives break down without some moisture in the air. So, just about anything that isn’t made completely of metal or plastic would be almost useless to the American Pickers.

‘American Pickers’ in Utah

The American Pickers team has actually traveled to Utah in the past. However, it seems that they didn’t find anything in the state that they wanted to put in an episode of the show. After all, they can’t film and air every collection they visit.

St. George News, a Utah-based publication announced that the American Pickers crew was coming to Utah back in July of 2017. The article announced that they would be there sometime during the month, but didn’t give an exact date. It also gave contact information that interested collectors could use to get in touch with the show’s production company.  Interestingly, the article said that they were “returning to Utah.” So, that means they’ve visited the state at least twice.

It is possible that they visited the state, looked at some collections, and even purchased some items. However, it doesn’t appear that any of that action made it to an episode of the show.