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‘American Pickers’: Why Some Fans Are Tearing Into Mike Wolfe Over Frank Fritz Feud

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

The world is full of iconic duos. Batman & Robin, Waylon & Willie, Peanut butter & jelly, and Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are just a few that come to mind. However, the iconic picking duo of Frank and Mike is no more.

Frank, Wolfe, and their network all confirmed his departure in July. After two years of recovering from substance abuse issues and back surgery, Frank is out of the show. After over 20 seasons of American Pickers, fans have gotten used to seeing their chemistry in the van. At the same time, some fans have grown to love Fritz. Some of those fans say that, without him, the show won’t’ be the same. In fact, some are saying that they may not watch the show anymore. Many of those fans are placing the blame for this change directly on Mike Wolfe’s shoulders.

For those fans, it isn’t that Frank is out of the show. It’s how he left the show that mattered. To be clear, Frank left without warning. After 13 episodes of season 21, he was just gone. Mike Wolfe finished the season without him. Furthermore, episodes of American Pickers are filmed far in advance. So, the fans have seen a handful of Fritz-less episodes. However, it has been years since the dynamic duo of rusty gold has picked together. In fact, Frank said that he and Mike haven’t talked in two years. Frank says Mike didn’t even check in on him while he was at his lowest.

Recently, Mike Wolfe posted about how Frank was “like a brother,” to him and that they had known each other for forty years. However, when Frank was dealing with his demons and recovering from major surgery, he didn’t hear a peep from Mike.

Fans Sound Off About Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

To say that some American Pickers fans are unhappy with Mike Wolfe would be an understatement. Of several comments from disgruntled fans aimed at the Antique Archeology owner, many of them think that Mike’s fame has gotten too big over the years.

One commenter wrote, “I think fame has gone to Mike’s head. He divorced his wife and I read an article where Frank said Mike hasn’t spoken to him in months, despite Frank’s illness.” This really captures the tone of a large portion of the fans’ reactions. Another, according to The Sun, added that Mike Wolfe had grown, “too big for his britches.”

Some fans, though, are less interested in attacking Mike Wolfe. They showed up to defend Frank. “It’s crappy how they’re treating Frank,” wrote one fan. Another chimed in, citing Mike’s assertion that he and Fritz were like brothers. They said, “You should stand up for your childhood friend…”

Losing Frank was a huge blow for many American Pickers fans. Only time will tell if viewers will continue to flock to the show with only half of its iconic duo.