‘American Pickers’: Why Star Danielle Colby Says She ‘Once Tried to Walk Away’ From the Show

by Clayton Edwards

American Pickers is currently in its 22nd season. However, the show looks a little different this season. In fact, a major change came to the show before the end of season 21. Frank Fritz, the king of the icebreaker, is gone. The last eight episodes of that season were done sans Frank. Since then, Mike Wolfe has hosted a rotating cast of guest pickers. This massive change and the comments surrounding it have some fans worried about the fate of the show. One thing is for sure, though, Danielle Colby isn’t going anywhere.

That’s good news for American Pickers and its fans. Danielle Colby plays an important role in the show. She is the one who sets up a large portion of the excursions. Colby hammers out all the logistics so that the guys can focus on finding and securing forgotten treasures from across the nation. Furthermore, she has a rapport with the owners of several properties that have the potential for repeat picking.

Danielle Colby made it clear that she wasn’t going anywhere some weeks ago. She made an Instagram post discussing why she thought about leaving the show. Then, went on to discuss why she stayed. The post hit her Instagram timeline about eight weeks ago. However, with Fritz’s departure becoming official in the last week, this post seems a little more poignant. Could it be that Dani was trying to reassure her fellow American Pickers employees that she planned to be there for the long haul? Maybe. Check out the post below.

Breaking Down Danielle Colby’s Post

The post contains publicity still for American Pickers with Danielle Colby and Mike Wolfe standing together. She starts the post by saying, “Awe… my best bud and me still together after all these years.” Eight weeks ago that could have been a simple statement. However, in hindsight, that statement hits a little differently.

Then, Danielle Colby goes on to talk about why she considered leaving American Pickers. “I’ve tried to walk away, thinking it’s just better for the show and my crew if I move on to a new project. Thinking my voice is irrelevant in vintage anymore…”  She goes on to say that she loves vintage but doesn’t care much for vintage values.

Danielle Colby talks about what made her decide to stay on the show. She said that the team behind American Pickers supported her line of thinking. However, instead of agreeing that her progressive voice was irrelevant in vintage conversations, they told her to speak out on her convictions. Furthermore, she said that the team asked how they could be more proactive about celebrating vintage style but not vintage values. They also said that she should speak to different people to gain a wider perspective. At the same time, the folks at History allowed Dani to hire anti-racism educators to help them “understand history in a way that we may never have thought of it or seen it.”

So, Frank Fritz is gone but Danielle Colby is in it for the long haul.