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‘American Pickers’: Will There Be a Season 23?

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Spanning 22 seasons as of now, American Pickers is as popular as ever. Nevertheless, without official confirmation of a 23rd season, can we expect it?

The show is still going strong and though the cast has seen a change or two, the foundation resonates with fans to this day. Naturally, since the History Channel hasn’t announced anything, all we can do is speculate. If we go by the show’s past, a few months typically separate each season.

However, this was true before Covid became a thing and can easily change the show’s schedule. With restrictions in place limiting travel and attendance, many previous show hotspots may be off-limits. Furthermore, some sellers may be hesitant to let the American Pickers crew into their homes since they travel so much.

What about the cast? While series mainstays Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby are locks, could we see Frank Fritz return? With the drama surrounding him and the fact we said goodbye in the summer of this year, it’s not looking likely. Frank reported leaving for his health and said he’s much better now, but it seems as if he and the cast are still no longer speaking. Mike and Danielle reportedly didn’t even wish him a happy birthday, which isn’t a good sign.

Nonetheless, anything can happen and if there is a sizable gap between the next season, the former co-stars could mend their relationship.

The History Channel Didn’t Want Danielle Colby on ‘American Pickers’ at First

As previously stated, it’s obvious unless there’s a schedule conflict we can expect to see Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby on the next American Pickers season. It may surprise you to learn then that the History Channel initially didn’t want her on the show.

Speaking to Script Magazine, Wolfe recounted the show’s humble beginnings. Among them was including Danielle Colby. Danielle served as a staple for Mike’s business. “What you see Danielle doing on the show, that’s what I used to do,” he said. “I would research my trips, have five or six places I would go, then I would do freestyling, showing up in spots, and looking for stuff. I hired her.”

The History Channel had other ideas though. When they showed up on September 8 to film, they refused to include her. Stating they didn’t have a contract with her, she couldn’t be included. Mike said she was crucial to the craft, but producers didn’t listen. Wolfe refused to exclude her, so at first, camera crews excluded her from scenes.

Luckily, the camera crew saw the cast’s chemistry and filmed them on their iPhones. After sending the footage to producers, they finally caved and Colby is still there to this day.