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‘American Pickers’: William Shatner Once Hired Mike Wolfe & Frank Fritz on Special Episode

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage)

The American Pickers once got an “out of this world” request from William Shatner to help him furnish his Kentucky getaway with some unique items.

Shatner and his then-wife had recently bought the house, and they wanted Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz to help them decorate their unfurnished office. The couple is involved in horse racing and breeding, so they were looking for antiques around that theme. And they had a long list of requests including old horse riding equipment, a vintage wooden desk, hat hangers, and several more equine-themed pieces.

But most importantly, Shatner said he wanted to incorporate some local history into the property. A creek behind the home at one time powered a local mill. The actor wanted the American Pickers to find an antique millstone for his garden.

The guys told the Shatners they were up to the task. Though they admitted in they were nervous in their talking-head interview later. “They think we’re designers,” Wolfe said. “Come on, man. We’re pickers.”

But Wolfe, who said he is a big Star Trek fan, didn’t want to disappoint Capt. Kirk.

The 2011 episode of American Pickers is titled “They Boldly Go,” and it’s full of puns like that. Wolfe tells Shatner that they’ll “go where no man has gone before” to find some “out of this world” items. Each joke seems to annoy Shatner more than the previous one.

But aside from Wolfe’s dad jokes, the American Pickers made the Shatner’s very happy. They’re able to track down several of the requested items for their home office and a massive millstone for the garden.

“This is the signature piece,” William Shatner said when he saw the giant stone. “The millstone is genius.”

William Shatner Wrote a Book About His Love of Horses

William Shatner is most famous for traversing the cosmos in the captain’s chair of the USS Enterprise. But he is much happier in a saddle. That’s why he asked the American Pickers to find him antique horse tack.

“Horses have played an essential role in my life,” he wrote in his autobiography, Up Till Now. “I have ridden horses, owned horses, and admired horses for as long as I can remember.”

Shatner published a book in 2017 called Spirit of the Horse detailing his love of the animal. He remembers the exact time and place when it began. The actor grew up near a stable outside of Montreal, Canada.

“I remember going there all the time and having this sort of innate interest in riding, which I couldn’t fulfill at the time because of the expense involved. But I was just drawn there anyway — hanging around the rental stables without ever actually getting on a horse,” Shatner told Cowboys and Indians.

He wrote in his book that when he finally got into a saddle he knew it would be a lifelong passion.

“I remember thinking at the time: first, how much bigger I felt and how much smaller everything else seemed; second, how much power was beneath me, tolerating me (because I did have the sense that it could toss me any time I became a burden); and third, of course, how much I wanted to do it again.”