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‘American Pickers’: Would Danielle Colby Do a Spinoff?

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Gary Miller/FilmMagic)

One could easily argue Danielle Colby is the glue holding everything together on American Pickers. With her renown and wide range of interests, would she ever consider cashing in on her popularity with a spinoff?

Miami New Times sat down with Colby while she was in South Florida for a meet-and-greet with fans. Noting her popularity, the outlet asked if there had ever been any talk of a Danielle spinoff. “I don’t know,” she simply answered. “One never knows what will happen in the future. I highly doubt that Antique Archaeology is the last job I’ll ever have in my life, though it is definitely the coolest job I’ve had to date. It all depends on when my time there has run its course.”

Elaborating, Colby mentions her contract with Mike and the obligation she currently holds. “I have an obligation to Mike who put me in the position I’m in right now, and I’ll respect that ’til the end. My plan is just to stick around and see what happens. But I have a contract, and I’ll of course honor that contract. “

Nonetheless, there may be hope for those wishing for the spinoff to happen. Though nothing has been officially discussed, Danielle seems to be fond of the idea. Rounding out the answer, she said “I guess that’s a sugar-coated way of saying I’d love a spinoff.”

The concept of a spinoff is interesting, especially considering how many hobbies Colby has. Would it be another American Pickers-esque show or would she do her own thing? Perhaps something burlesque-related?

Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see if it ever comes to fruition.

Danielle Colby Gives Advice for Those Wishing to Start Their Own Antique and Vintage Item Business

It’s fairly obvious after starring on American Pickers for as long as she has, Danielle Colby knows about the antique and vintage item business. In a recent interview, she gave some sound advice for those looking to get into the trade themselves.

Appearing on the Halloween episode of The Sailor Jerry Podcast, Colby discussed her own history and how she got into antiques herself. So, what does she advise for people hoping to do the same? “Get used to mowing people’s lawns, shoveling their sidewalks, helping them get their car unstuck, walking their dogs, taking them food when they’re sick. That’s how we started this business,” she stated.

Colby says it’s a very “community-based” business, so you need to be diligent about public affairs. “First of all, find out what that specific community needs,” she added. For instance, she said if you’re looking for camera equipment, look up a good person for that need, but also see what they need in exchange. Sometimes it isn’t all about money. Additionally, good deeds and favors may open the door to other sellers and good contacts.