‘American Pickers’: Highest Rated Episode of the Series Features The Beatles and Lots of Rock History

by Jonathan Howard

Over the years American Pickers has entertained fans with their hunts for antiques and rusty gold. Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby go around the country looking for the best Americana around the country. While out on their travels they have bought bicycles, oil cans, and just about every other item under the sun.

When it comes to the best of the best episodes fans can argue all day. However, if we look at the numbers, there is one episode that stands above the rest. At least according to IMDb. In season 16, episode 2, Wolfe and Colby got in the van and headed out together. The episode, titled Sgt. Picker’s Lonely Hearts Club was a big hit among fans. They left Frank back in Iowa for this trip and hit huge on their picks.

The year was 2016, the duo was out in St. Louis, Missouri. Back in Iowa, Frank was dealing with a sick cat and had to spend time at home. Mike and Danielle met up with Mark, the owner of a three-story building. Of course, it was packed with pieces, items, and nick-knacks of old. Some of the rooms hadn’t been accessed in over 16 years! That is quite a long time for a room to sit. However, it makes for well-preserved items and very happy pickers.

By the time they got in the door, it was clear this would be a great pick for the American Pickers. Unlocking doors that had been closed for years, finding items no one would think of, and even some great history. Danielle was able to get an item right in her wheelhouse. Everyone knows that Colby loves old fashion and the Roaring 20s. In this massive building, she found a vintage flapper skirt from the 1920s.

‘American Pickers’: Mike Drops $1600 On Sign

There are few things that shock American Pickers fans. However, there are those rare times when even longtime viewers are left stunned. Mike Wolfe is known for getting his item, especially if the owner is being reasonable. As long as they can work with him, he usually ends up with what he wants. That happened when Mike was with his brother Robbie in Maryland on a recent episode.

Up in the rafters of the old building, Jim the car-obsessed owner had an old 1950s Chevrolet sign. After many years of hanging up in the rafters it had turned yellow, but Mike was all on it as soon as he saw it. There are times when American Pickers fans see Wolfe’s eyes go wide and they know he is honed in on a particular item.

After a back and forth between Jim and Mike, Jim was $1600 richer. That’s quite a price for some signage. While that isn’t nearly the most expensive item that has been on the show, that is one of the most expensive signs on the show. It is great when items like signs survive. Over the years they usually take a beating from the elements, and from people. Mike got his sign and Jim got some cash in his pocket.