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‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’ Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin Breaks Silence After Near-Fatal Accident

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Walter McBride/WireImage)

Earlier in October, a terrifying accident on the set of “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” almost claimed the life of daredevil Jonathan Goodwin.

For this stunt, Goodwin wore a straitjacket while hanging from the ceiling 70 feet in the air. There were two cars suspended on each side of him. The stunt called for him to get out of the straitjacket and drop onto an air mattress while the cars remained suspended. Unfortunately, this is not what happened.

The cars collided and then exploded, which severely injured the “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” stuntman. Following the accident, Jonathan Goodwin was flown to a hospital when he had surgery.

While he didn’t die in the accident – even though some audience members thought he had – Goodwin is still recovering from his very severe injuries. Now, he is breaking his silence about what happened during the near-fatal accident, according to TMZ.

‘I Have Been to the Very Brink’ Said Injured Stuntman

The “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” contestant shared an update from his hospital bed in Georgia. In his update, Jonathan Goodwin appears to be in good spirits. He is acting funny and posing for the camera.

You can’t say you don’t get out what you put in,” he shared.

Of course, the stuntman also shared his appreciation for his fans and others. He was especially thankful to his family and his fiancee, Amanda, for their support. He described the outpouring of love he has received as “astonishing.”

Jonathan Goodwin also said that he felt he was protected from the worse possible outcome of the accident thanks to one factor.

“I have been to the very brink and dodged the worst that a human being can, without fear…because I was protected by love. Love is all you need, so make sure you get some, cos it’s good s***,” he also said.

Goodwin also shared a message to death. It was a simple, yet effective, “nanana boo boo.”

‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’ Paused Production After Near-Fatal Accident

Unsurprisingly, the powers that be behind “America’s Got Talent: Extreme” decided to pause production of the reality television series after Jonathan Goodwin’s near-fatal accident. The accident reportedly occurred on Thursday, Oct. 14.

On Sunday, Oct. 17, a representative of the reality series shared the news with TODAY that production would stop for a time.

“Our thoughts and prayers remain with Jonathan Goodwin and his family as he continues to recover from his accident on Thursday,” the representative said. “In order to focus on the wellbeing of our crew, we will be temporarily pausing production on ‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’ and will resume the last few days of filming at a later date. The health and safety of our cast and crew continue to be our priority.”

This reality television show is a spinoff of “America’s Got Talent.”