‘America’s Got Talent’: Here’s Why Show Will Be on Hiatus After Auditions End

by Thad Mitchell

One of the most popular shows currently on television, “America’s Got Talent” is going to be taking a little break for the next couple of weeks.

The show will be on hiatus for three weeks as NBC switches its focus to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, according to TV Line. The summer games will also begin this Friday with the opening ceremonies. NBC will be covering a wide variety of competitions during this year’s sporting events. “America’s Got Talent” will be temporarily on the back burner but promises an entertaining return in three short weeks.

The Olympics are always a top television ratings draw and several shows try to avoid direct competition with the summer games. “America’s Got Talent” is far from the only show employing this kind of strategy.

The Olympics games were last held in 2016 with nearly have the world watching. The 2016 Olympic Summer Games, which were held in Rio de Janeiro had a worldwide viewership of approximately 3.2 billion watchers — much more than “America’s Got Talent” pulls in. It is easy to see why TV programs attempt to dodge competition with the heavily-watched event. Despite the huge number of watchers, viewership was down from the 2012 Olympic games in London. According to Statista, approximately 3.64 billion people around the world tuned into the 2012 Olympics. The 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China, saw around 3.55 billion viewers.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Avoiding Olympics

Excitement is growing regarding the 2020 Olympics as opening ceremonies are now just days away. Television viewership experts say advances in technology have created more ways to watch the games for viewers. Instead of sitting in front of a TV set, Olympics fans can watch the games on a myriad of personal devices. Studies suggest that millions of more people will stream coverage of the Olympics than in 2016.

“America’s Got Talent” Fans will be happy to know that extra time will allow judges to study each act. The last eight weeks of the show have been dedicated to the audition phase of the talent competition. Through eight weeks of competition, “America’s Got Talent” judges have given the thumbs up to 150 acts. Fans know the next part of the show will be the most difficult. Headlined by former “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell, the judging crew has a very tall task in front of them. They must reduce the size of the competition pool from 150 acts to just 36 acts.

The “America’s Got Talent” crew began that process with Tuesday evening’s episode. After watching the episode’s contestants, the AGT crew gathered at Cowell’s home to begin the tedious task. They will now have an extended period of time to figure things out as the Olympics are set to kick off in just a few days.