‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Heidi Klum Puts Famous Figure on Display in Pink Bikini Pics on Yacht

by Suzanne Halliburton

We all want to look like Heidi Klum, the one-time supermodel and current judge on America’s Got Talent. And with her personality, we’d probably like to hang out with her, too.

She’s having a fun time off the coast of Italy right now. And you can tell by the photos she posts to her Instagram account. Here she is showing off her curves in a classic pink bikini. Keep in mind, this America’s Got Talent judge is 48 and the mother of four children. She wished everyone a good morning in Italian. She still looks like she could pull off the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

“Buon giorno,” Klum appropriately captions the photo.

America’s Got Talent Is on Hiatus So Klum Headed to Italy

The Daily Mail reported that Klum is in Capri on vacation with her husband, Tom Kaulitz. We’re assuming she’ll be around for the live rounds of America’s Got Talent. They start, Aug. 10. Most of the networks are taking an Olympic reprieve as the Tokyo Games suck up the viewing oxygen. But the Games end with Sunday’s closing ceremony.

NBC then will turn over its programming to scripted dramas and reality shows. America’s Got Talent went on a three-week hiatus, allowing for its judges to vacation to some cool spots. Meanwhile, 150 acts were approved for the next round.

America’s Got Talent ran through its taped auditions earlier in the summer. The reality talent competition is famous for its golden buzzers. A judge or host has the power to send one act through to the round of live shows, no matter what the other judges vote. The buzzer sets off a shower of golden confetti and a massive celebration.

During Auditions, Klum Gave Her Golden Buzzer Selection to French Quick-Change Artist

Klum hit the buzzer, June 29, for Lea Kyle, who is from Bordeaux, France. Klum was the last of the America’s Got Talent judges to hit the buzzer. Kyle is a quick-change artist who focused on fashion. That made her a perfect choice for Klum, the model who hosted Project Runway and Making the Cut.

Klum told Kyle:

“I loved it, too. You were doing real magic. It was absolutely incredible. You know how much I love fashion. I feel like we have never had anyone who is as good as you, so I feel you should go straight to the live shows. What do you think?”

Sadly, an America’s Got Talent golden buzzer winner was forced to quit the show.  Jane Marczewski, AKA Nightbirde, revealed that the cancer she’d battled had gotten worse, spreading to her liver and lungs. The singer from Ohio is only 30.

In an interview with CNN, the America’s Got Talent buzzer winner said she’s planning for her future, not her “legacy.”

“I got shocking news less than a week ago about cancer regrowth that’s taken over my lungs and liver,” Nightbirde told CNN. “So my liver right now is mostly cancer, more cancer than liver. But like I said, I’m planning my future, not my legacy. Some people would call that blind denial, but I prefer to call it rebellious hope.”