‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Heidi Klum Reacts to Wardrobe Malfunction

by Samantha Whidden

Following a video of her recent wardrobe malfunction being posted on TikTok, America’s Got Talent judge Heidi Klum shares her reaction to the interesting moment on her own Instagram account.

Note to self ….. don’t bend over in a short skirt. 😂🤣,” Heidi Klum shares in her post, which shows the video of her wardrobe malfunction. 

Heidi Klum has been on American’s Got Talent since March 2013. She replaced Sharon Osbourne as a judge. She was also judged for seasons 8th through 13th and the first season of American’s Got Talent: The Champions. Klum departed from the competition show in February 2019. But a year later, she returned for the show’s 15th season.

Heidi Klum Opens Up About Returning to ‘America’s Got Talent’ Set After Illness Recovery 

In a July 2020 interview with People, Heidi Klum opened up about making her return to America’s Got Talent set after recovering from being ill. Guest judge, Eric Stonestreet, stepped in and filled in her while she recovered. 

“I am so thankful that Eric was able to jump in for me,” Heidi Klum declared. “He was fantastic! I thought the acts were really great. I hope I will get to see some of them when we get to the live rounds. 

Heidi Klum also discussed the current health protocols that the America’s Got Talent crew has in place. “Production followed the current protocols for getting back to set. Upon arrival, we follow all health and safety guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety,” the former model explained. She also says that it goes without saying the show’s team is thankful to be working and putting on a show. 

Heidi Klum Talks Changes to ‘America’s Got Talent’ Set

“Every day we seem to wake up to a new surprise. I am so thankful that our producers and crew are finding creative ways to show while keeping everyone’s safety in mind,” Heidi goes on to share. She said they shot an episode on a drive-in movie set and she thought that was a great way to keep everyone distanced, but still keep it looking fun for the viewers at home. 

“It may not look like our usual set, but it gives new energy to the show,” Heidi Klum proclaimed.  “I love it. I am truly thankful that we can even record the show and keep on showcasing this amazing talent.”

Heidi Klum goes on to add that she misses a lot of friends and family who stopped by the show along with her dressing room full of her glam team. She also said that the energy experienced in America’s Got Talent theater is so special and one of a kind to her. “[I miss] hugging the contestants, running through the aisles of the theater, and high-fiving all the fans that come to see the show.”