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Watch ‘America’s Got Talent’ Performer Catch Fire During Performance

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: NBC / Contributor / Getty Images)

A contestant on “America’s Got Talent” is lucky to be alive after escaping an insane stunt. The daredevil performed his “Trial By Fire” act for the first time in front of judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and guest judge Keenan Thompson.

The fiery stunt involved performer, Jonathon Goodwin, attempting to escape a series of padlocks as while engulfed in fire. Wearing a protective suit, Goodwin doused himself in oil to attract the flames.

Meanwhile, Goodwin voluntarily impaired his vision by locking his head in a box. “Mom, I’m going to be fine,” Goodwin says to start the act. “Lock the box.”

The judges were visibly worried watching the shocking stunt. “Do they have a medic here?” Vergara said. “I don’t want to see this.”

As the fire caught on Goodwin’s suit, Mandel yelled for help. “He’s on fire, somebody move in… Why is everybody just standing there?” he said.

After seemingly struggling for several gut-wrenching seconds, Goodwin managed to escape completely unharmed. He removed the lock placed over his head then immediately pulled a lever extinguishing the flames.

Mandel joked, according to USA Today: “Well done. See what I did there with the fire? I thought you were in trouble. I think that’s amazing and I’m glad you are alive.”

Klum added, “How can you say anything negative to a man who puts himself on fire for us?”

This wasn’t the only shocking event for the “America’s Got Talent” judges this month. Most recently, judge Simon Cowell suffered a serious back injury requiring surgery after falling off a motorized bike. He broke his back in several places causing doctors to put in a metal rod. Given his injury, Cowell missed the beginning of the current season of “America’s Got Talent.” Learn more here.

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