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‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’ Stuntman Nearly Dies After Falling 70 Feet in Scary Wire Accident

by Brianna Vacca
(Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images for Faculty Productions)

America’s Got Talent’s fans tune into the reality show to see America’s most talented acts, obviously. But, unfortunately, with that comes a lot of extreme – and very dangerous – acts. A number of dangerous acts have been performed over the years. Some successful, and some very unsuccessful. Fortunately, nobody has ever died, but some have become very close to crossing that line.

An America’s Got Talent: Extreme Star makes his living doing stunts that no human should be doing. With that, comes a lot of near-death experiences. America’s Got Talent saw professional daredevil, Jonathan Goodwin, during Season 15 of the show. Goodwin has performed a number of deadly stunts for his live shows. One episode saw Goodwin blindfolded with a target on his back, dodging crossbows fired at him.

But, Jonathan Goodwin has seen the scare of a lifetime after he nearly died after being pinned between two cars that burst into flames. The act goes like this. Goodwin hangs from the ceiling in a straitjacket while two suspended cars swing on either side of him. He frees himself and falls 70 feet onto an air mattress while the cars continue to swing. However, that wasn’t the case. Goodwin dropped 70 feet but the stunt did not go as smoothly as pictured.

The cars hit each other, causing them to explode. The 41-year old escapologist sustained “horrific injuries” after this stunt went brutally wrong. The stunt went so bad, people thought the man was dead. Goodwin was left unresponsive, and medical personnel airlifted the star to the hospital, rushing him into surgery. His condition is unclear according to TMZ.

America’s Got Talent: Extreme’s judges Simon Cowell, Nikki Bella, and Travis Pastrana returned to filming.

America’s Got Talent Accidents

This isn’t the first accident to happen on America’s Got Talent. Fortunately, nobody has died, but some people have gotten seriously injured while filming.

Nearly five years ago, stuntman Ryan Stock’s dangerous act went terribly wrong. His fiancée and stunt partner, Amberlynn Walker, missed her mark and accidentally shot her fiancé in the neck with a flaming arrow as the episode aired live. The judges and audience audibly screamed as Stock gasped for air. Stock visited an EMT after the performance mentioning that the arrow had only punctured his shirt. The audience voted off the couple that week.

During another episode AGT, Ivan the Urban Action Figure scared the audience. He set up a rather interesting stunt involving a number of folding chairs. He intended to jump over all the chairs, but instead, tripped and came crashing down. Everybody assumed at first he was just playing around. But, the stuntman knocked himself out. Medics rushed to the scene.