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‘America’s Got Talent’: Who Took Home Season 16’s Top Prize?

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Kevin Winter/WireImage,)

And just like that, another season of “America’s Got Talent” wrapped up last night in one of their most dramatic Grand Finales yet. Although the show battled to stay relevant with major dips in viewership over the past year, plenty of people tuned in last night. What were they competing for again? Just a small pool of prize money in the value of $1 million dollars. Oh yeah, and a resident performance spot at “America’s Got Talent Las Vegas Live” at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

That’s life-changing stuff for sure, especially for this year’s winner. The man that emerged as a victor is none other than illusionist and magician Dustin Tavella. Keep reading on to learn about the performer’s “it” factor.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Crowns Dustin Tavella as Season 16 King

“America’s Got Talent” really draws in people from all walks of life. There are the zany and eccentric clowns, the adrenaline-seekers who risk their lives performing stunts that test the limits of the human body, and there are the contestants with really emotional pasts, too. The Season 16 grand finale marked the end of a long season, filled with plenty of ups and downs. One competitor even withdrew amid a cancer diagnosis but returned later in the season inspiring even Simon Cowell to (almost) shed a tear. Howie Mandel also opened up about some mental health struggles recently that affected him throughout the show’s arc. That being said, a more perfect winner couldn’t have been chosen last night.

During the 2-hour special, host Terry Crews called the final vote “the closest vote ever.” Moments later, Dustin Tavella took the spot as the third magician in the history of “America’s Got Talent” to take the crown. The other two are Mat Franco from Season 9 and Shin Lim from Season 13. Tavella broke down after hearing the news, saying: “Thank you guys so much, this is absolutely amazing.”

If you want to watch the nail-biting ending of the season, you can do so right here:

Dustin Tavella is a Family Man

Dustin Tavella says he’s “not a social media guy.” Instead, he prefers to take a deep dive into his passions without that added pressure and stress. At the end of the day, there’s something else that he’s passionate about besides magic: his kids. The 35-year-old fathers two adoptive sons whom he loves more than anything. After the finale, Tavella is quoted as saying: “Before ‘AGT,’ I just never could’ve imagined my two worlds colliding– my passion for my magic and my story about my family.”

The rest of the ranking for this season is as follows: Aerialist Aidan Bryant took second, comedian Josh Blue third, singer Brooke Simpson fourth, and quick-change artist Lea Kyle in fifth.