‘The Andy Griffith Show’: Andy Once Guest Starred on This Lucille Ball Sitcom

by Matthew Wilson

Andy Griffith may be known for starring on “The Andy Griffith Show” as Sheriff Andy Taylor. But he once appeared on this Lucille Ball sitcom as well.

Griffith played a guest role on an episode of Ball’s sitcom “Here’s Lucy” in 1973. The episode was appropriately titled “Lucy and Andy Griffith” and featured in the show’s sixth and final season. In the episode, Griffith played a charity worker, who may or may not be pretending to be nice. The show’s star Kim Carter, played by Lucie Arnaz, investigated Griffith by going undercover.

For sitcom fans, it was a joy to see Griffith and Ball share the screen together. Both actors were beloved by fans for their perspective series. Griffith and Ball hold their own special place in classic television history. Unfortunately, fans never got to see the two interact as their most famous characters. But this episode provided a teaser of what that must have been like.

‘The Andy Griffith Show’ and ‘I Love Lucy’

What’s perhaps stranger is “The Andy Griffith Show” and “I Love Lucy” technically takes place in the same world. So it’s entirely possible that the Ricardos might have ended up in Mayberry and needed the help of the small-town sheriff off-screen.

How are the two shows related? “The Andy Griffith Show” was actually a spin-off of “The Danny Thomas Show” in 1960. Danny Williams appeared in Mayberry and had a run-in with Sheriff Andy Taylor after getting arrested. The episode introduced audiences to Griffith and the various colorful people in the town.

But a year prior in 1959, “The Danny Thomas Show” crossed over with “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour,” a sequel to the sitcom “I Love Lucy.”

Both the Williams family and the Ricardos interacted during the episode “Make Room for Daddy.” But the fact both shows share the same universe opens up some strange implications. For instance, there’s a number of doppelgangers wandering the Mayberry/”I Love Lucy” universe.

For instance, actor Keith Thibodeaux played the Ricardos’ son Little Ricky on the sitcom. But on “The Andy Griffith Show,” he portrayed Opie’s childhood friend Johnny Paul Jason for 13 episodes. Likewise, actor Ken Berry had starring roles on both “The Lucy Show” and “The Andy Griffith” spin-off “Mayberry RFD.”

Finally, an episode of “The Lucy Show” saw a guest appearance from Gomer Pyle, who originally starred on “The Andy Griffith Show.”

The crossovers suggest that Lucille Ball herself portrays two different characters, Lucy Ricardo and Lucy Carmichael, with the same first name.