‘The Andy Griffith Show’: ‘Goober’ Actor George Lindsey Said He Felt Immediate Chemistry With One Co-Star

by Clayton Edwards

One of the things that made The Andy Griffith Show so popular was its small-town charm. Mayberry was the kind of town where everyone knew everyone else. If two people in town weren’t acquainted, someone would come along shortly to remedy that.

Mayberry has felt like a faraway home for millions of TV viewers over the years. Its citizens made really made it an ideal place to get away from the world. Even if that getaway was only for thirty minutes a week.

The actors who portrayed the citizens of Mayberry weren’t just a talented bunch. By all accounts, those actors were some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. In fact, country superstar Randy Travis said that Andy Griffith was one of the nicest, most down-to-earth, and likable people he had ever worked with. George Lindsey learned that same thing way back in 1964 when he made his first appearance on The Andy Griffith Show as Goober Pyle.

Lindsey talked about his time on The Andy Griffith Show and his chemistry with Andy in a 2010 interview. George Lindsey died two years later.

George Lindsey Opens Up About His Time on The Andy Griffith Show

The interview took place over forty years after the final episode of The Andy Griffith Show aired. The time hadn’t dulled Lindsey’s fondness for his character, the show, or his co-stars.

The interviewer took Lindsey back to his first days on The Andy Griffith Show. They asked him if he instantly had chemistry with Andy. He said that he did. He and the star of the show hit it off right away. Lindsey said that Griffith was incredibly easy to work with. All that mattered was whether or not you knew your lines.

Lindsey also said that both Andy Griffith and Don Knotts were terrific professional actors. He added that he was honored to be in their company. However, Andy wasn’t just a great actor who was easy to work with. He was a leader. After all, it was the Andy Griffith Show.

Lindsey said that Griffith was the best script constructionist he had ever worked with. He told the interviewer that the cast would do table reads on Thursdays. Then, Andy would fix the scripts. The interviewer asked, for clarification, if Andy would make suggestions.

To which George Lindsay replied with a laugh, “No, he would fix it. He didn’t make recommendations. If you’re Andy Griffith and it’s The Andy Griffith Show you don’t make recommendations.”

George Lindsey played Goober Pyle on The Andy Griffith Show from 1964 until it ended four years later. Then he reprised the character for Mayberry RFD. Lindsey kept in touch with Griffith until death severed their friendship.