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Angelina Jolie Breaks Instagram Record Becoming Quickest to 1M Followers With Just 2 Posts

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Angelina Jolie has joined the world of social media in a big way, making a huge statement about her popularity as an actress and public figure.

On Instagram, Angelina Jolie became the fastest user to gather 1 million followers. The “Those Who Wish Me Dead” actress signed up for the photo-sharing social media just a few days ago. In a true testament to her image, she collected 2.1 million followers in less than three hours. You read that correctly – Angelina Jolie’s Instagram account gained more than 2 million viewers only a few hours after its creation. She left the weekend with around 7.6 million followers with more to surely come. She surpasses “Harry Potter” actor Rupert Grint and English Broadcaster Sir David Attenborough in the record books.

What is even more impressive is that Angelina Jolie was able to garner such attention after only two posts. She has a slew of celebrity friends following her as well like Jamie Lee Curtis and Bella Thorne. Jolie’s first post was a letter from a young girl from Afghanistan. In the letter, the teenage girl shares her concerns now that the Taliban has seized control of the country. In the social media post, Angelina Jolie says she joined Instagram to share the stories of others.

“This is a letter I was sent from a teenage girl in Afghanistan,” the 46-year-old actress says in the post. “Right now, the people of Afghanistan are losing their ability to communicate on social media and to express themselves freely.”

Angelina Jolie Hopes Social Media Presence Will Make Impact

Angelina then says social media will be her avenue in which to share these issues with the rest of the world.

“I’ve come on Instagram to share their stories and the voices of those across the globe who are fighting for their basic human rights,” she says.

If her goal was to attract attention to the horrible situation unfolding overseas — she certainly accomplished it. The post took in well over 3.3 million “likes” since going live.”

Angelina Jolie created her second Instagram post just yesterday (Sunday). Much like her first post, this one also deals with the difficulties of life for people around the globe.

“I started working with displaced people because I believe passionately in human rights,” she says. “Not out of charity, but out of deep respect for them and their families, and all they continue to overcome, despite so much persecution, inequality and injustice.”

Also, like her first post, this one also took in a lot of attention, garnering more than 1.7 million “likes” in short order.

It is likely Angelina Jolie will continue collecting social media followers in hopes to bring attention to global problems.