Another Level: Leonardo DiCaprio Travels in Massive Million Dollar RV Camper

by Victoria Santiago

Leonardo DiCaprio likes to keep his private life just that, private. Here’s a glimpse of his million-dollar RV, though.

The movie star only purposefully comes out while he’s shooting or promoting a new film. During those times is when we get an inner glimpse of how DiCaprio spends his days. We often know movie stars for their dedication to their craft. That takes up enormous chunks of their day. Actors spend up to 18 hours on set daily, and DiCaprio is no exception. So when filming, where do actors stay? Some probably stay in hotels, sure, or rent houses, but others travel around in RVs. The classic “movie trailer” is still around, except nowadays they take the shape of Leonardo DiCaprio’s $1.5 million RV.

DiCaprio‘s million-dollar RV is custom, of course. He chose King Kong Production Vehicles to build the trailer. The founder and owner of King Kong, David Rovsek, chose to do a few video tours of the massive trailer back in the day. Alas, those are all now outdated. There haven’t been any recent updates on what is essentially a mansion on wheels.

So, What Exactly Does a ‘Million Dollar RV’ Include?

I’m so glad you asked. The trailer itself is 53 feet long. For reference, most average RVs are around 30 feet long. In addition to that, his RV has four slide-outs that double the interior space. The RV has an open floor plan living room and a well-stocked kitchen fully made of marble and granite. As luxurious as the kitchen may be, we can probably infer that he doesn’t use it often. It even includes a full-sized fridge and freezer. There’s also a kitchen island (which doubles as a bar, of course).

The open living area has a ceiling made of mirrors and a decently sized leather sofa. Even by just going over the kitchen and living room, we can clearly see that DiCaprio spares no expense. The idea behind his million-dollar RV was for it to resemble a house that he would normally live in. Of course, there’s nothing normal about having a $50,000 glass shower installed in your motorhome. By the way, according to David Rovsek, it took them two weeks just to install the shower. Points for it being made out of recycled glass, though.

We could go on and on and describe every room in the RV, but we think you get the picture. Just a few more little fun facts, though. DiCaprio’s motorhome has seven TVs, 1.5 baths, and even two fireplaces. We think DiCaprio will stay extravagantly warm, well-rested, and entertained in this expensive trailer. To rent it costs a cool $6,000 per week – but that doesn’t matter to DiCaprio. Instead, he preferred to just buy the RV outright, at, again, a purchase price of $1.5 million. Whew! People often say he’s the last true movie star of our generation. Regardless, he certainly lives like it.