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Anthony Michael Hall Opens Up About Relationship With ‘Breakfast Club’ Cast

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Bennett Raglin/WireImage)

The relationships formed during the day the Breakfast Club characters spent together in detention are some of the most iconic in all of film history.

But, what were things like off-screen during the filming of the Breakfast Club? And, how have the stars of the brat-pack favorite film maintained their friendships since the film wrapped up its filming?

During a recent interview with Inside of You, one of the stars of the 1985 classic teen film, Anthony Michael Hall, opened up about his relationships with his Breakfast Club costars, both while filming, and since the group parted ways post-production.

“Me and Molly were kids,” Anthony Michael Hall said in the November 10 interview. Molly, of course, is Hall’s Breakfast Club costar Molly Ringwald.

“We were sixteen,” the longtime actor continues. “We had like, homework.”

‘Breakfast Club’ Players Spent Their Downtimes Very Differently

The longtime actor adds that while the age difference between the stars wasn’t that big, it was enough to change how each actor spent their downtime.

“Judd (Nelson) and Emilio (Estevez) would go and hang out,” the actor notes.

“They’d have beers and whatever because they were like, you know, thirty-five when they did the film,” Hall jokes of the age difference between himself and some of his fellow Breakfast Club costars.

“No,” the star quickly adds. “They were in their early twenties.”

Similar to their on-screen characters, the off-screen focuses of each Breakfast Club character were entirely different. However, that didn’t stop the cast from becoming friends while they filmed the iconic movie.

“We all got along great,” says Hall. “I looked up to all of them to this day.”

During the interview, the Breakfast Club actor did say that he and his former Breakfast Club costars don’t stay in regular touch. However, the star adds, they do see each other from time to time.

“I ran into Judd a couple of years ago,” says Hall.

“He’s great,” the actor adds. “He’s got a great sense of humor that’s funny.”

During the interview, Anthony Michael Hall notes that the last time he and his former Breakfast Club costars were all together was when the cast reunited after the passing of the film’s creator, John Hughes.

“The last time we were all reunited was when Mr. Hughes passed 2010,” the actor recalls. “We had the Oscar where they paid tribute.”

Hall Is Working On A New Project

One Breakfast Club character that Hall has stayed in pretty close contact with is John Kapelos, the man who played the school janitor, Carl Reed, in the popular film.

“I produced a film this summer with a writer/director named Nick Celozzi,” the actor says.

“It’s not a remake, but it’s an updated kinda reimagining of the Breakfast Club,” Hall continues. “We got Kapelos in!”

This, Hall says, is an exciting addition to his upcoming film.

“He’s a great guy,” Hall says of Kapelos. “A great comedic actor.”