Anthony Michael Hall Says John Hughes Considered Sequel to ‘Breakfast Club’ Before His Death

by Megan Molseed

There is certainly something wonderful about turning on a classic eighties film that has kept many of the films of the era relevant over the last four decades.

Some of the best movies from this era have continued to capture audiences over the years. Spanning generations and withstanding the test of time. Even now, years after they were made, many of our favorites seem to hit just where we need them to each time we watch them.

Among these now-iconic films stands one, in particular, that seems to stand the test of time above all others. The 1985 John Hughes hit The Breakfast Club.

So, with this unprecedented popularity, why did the film’s creator and director never explore a sequel to this modern and seemingly timeless classic?

Anthony Michael Hall Remembers A Few Sequel Discussions

“The thought of The Breakfast Club gets mentioned sometimes,” says one of the stars of the film, Anthony Michael Hall.

“And I think, again, because of John’s writing it’s a legit concept, the possibility of that being remade,” the star adds. “I think it might in some future date.”

“The last time I got to speak with John, he called me in 1987 with John Candy on the phone, the legend,” Anthony Michael Hall remembers.

“So, I sat on the phone with these guys for like two and a half hours,” the actor continued. “And I will tell you that it was in John’s thinking.”

“He really was playing with the idea of seeing us all like in our early middle-age all those years later,” Hall adds. “At the time, I was only 20. It was only five years after I worked with him, but it was something he was playing with.”

Anthony Michael Hall went on to note that there was something about John Hughes’s writing; especially in The Breakfast Club that made his movies the classics they have since become.

Something Timeless About The Film

“That movie in particular, of all of the three that I did with John, or four with Vacation, because it’s almost like group therapy when you watch that,” Hall says of The Breakfast Club. The actor adds that Hughes had a way of writing across the generations.

“I think with his films, particularly what they’ve always endured is they keep finding younger audiences,” the actor explains. “Which is pretty amazing.”

Since its release in the mid-eighties, The Breakfast Club has become one of the greatest teen movies of all time.

Even if you haven’t watched the film, you certainly know what it’s about. Even popular shows have borrowed from the plot. Including a 2012 episode of the Nickelodeon series Victorious entitled The Breakfast Bunch.

Of course, there are some things in the film that are dated. But overall very few films of this nature have carried so much weight for so many generations over such a long period of time.