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Apple Music Boosts Neil Young’s Music After Removal From Spotify

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Larry Hulst/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

After Neil Young’s controversial open letter to Spotify, Apple Music is promoting the artist’s music on their platform.

See you later, Spotify. Neil Young is removing his music from the popular streaming platform. This is due to Young’s concerns regarding Spotify’s support of podcaster Joe Rogan and his claims regarding the coronavirus pandemic and vaccine. In an open letter written earlier this week, he gave the service an ultimatum: “They can have Rogan or Young. Not both.”

It seems like Spotify’s loss is Apple Music’s gain. Taking advantage of the situation, Apple Music’s homepage is featuring a special playlist titled “We Love Neil.” The compilation includes a variety of hits from the artist’s catalog. In a tweet posted last night, the platform also calls itself “the home of Neil Young.”

Is Apple Music throwing some lighthearted shade at Spotify? Perhaps. But, they are not the only music service making the most out of the situation. SiriusXM is reviving “Neil Young Radio” with a new partnership with the artist. The station will feature special programming and commentary, alongside never-before-heard tracks and live sessions.

Will This Move Negatively Affect Neil Young?

Eric Schiffer, a brand expert, gives his thoughts on Neil Young’s decision. He says that the artist may be losing revenue once he leaves Spotify.

“Someone at SiriusXM has been reading the news and saw an opportunity to capitalize,” he says. “Young’s managers are hearing a giant sucking sound in their bank account over the Spotify exit perhaps are I’m sure happy about this so they can try to recapture the revenue that has been decimated from leaving Spotify.”

Martin SFP Bryant, founder of business and marketing consultancy at Big Revolution, agrees with these statements.

“While Neil Young’s move has made headlines, it’s unlikely to particularly hurt Spotify, which will undoubtedly generate more revenue from Rogan’s presence on its platform than Young’s. The number of people who will switch to a rival platform over the lack of ‘Harvest Moon’ will be dwarfed by the number of people who would likely switch if The Joe Rogan Experience moved elsewhere.”

While he sees Joe Rogan’s popularity, he adds that Spotify is running the risk of its brand becoming seemingly divisive. So far, Spotify has not responded to Neil Young’s open letter.

“This news does however highlight the risk to Spotify of having as divisive a character as Rogan as its marquee content offering,” Bryant says.

Joe Rogan earns about 11 million listeners per episode of his podcast. This means that he earns more revenue per episode than Neil Young does in a month.

Will this strategy bring more attention to Young and his music? Or, will leaving Spotify affect him negatively? Let us know your thoughts.