Arnold Schwarzenegger & His Sons Go Full ‘Yellowstone’ in Idaho Pic

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Arnold Schwarzenegger and two of his sons posed for an iconic photo of themselves in true Yellowstone attire. The former California governor and his boys dressed in cowboy hats and heavy winter jackets. Behind them was the snowy backdrop of Sun Valley, Idaho, where the three had evidently spent some quality time. The three also posted another photo together, but this time they were inside the cozy cabin in front of a decked Christmas tree. And when you have three Schwarzenegger men standing next to a tree, even a 10-foot evergreen can look like a shrub.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, Arnold’s oldest, added a caption that revealed which three Yellowstone characters they most identified with. For Patrick, that was Kayce. For his dad, John, of course. And for younger brother Christopher, Rip Wheeler.

Take a look.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Third Son Might Be Following in Dad’s Footsteps

Christopher and Patrick Schwarzenegger aren’t the only ones that have inherited Arnold’s strong chin and talent for the screens. The former Terminator has a third son, Joseph, who has decided to go by his mother’s maiden name, Baena. This isn’t because Joseph doesn’t have a good relationship with his dad. Rather, it’s so that he can pave his own way in the cinema industry.

In the past, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son has explained the reasoning behind this decision and how he wants to be able to create his own reputation.

“There’s a few different variables in that,” Joseph told host Morgan Stewart of E! “But that’s just not my main priority at the moment, so I’m just focused on building myself up and building my career in acting and real estate and just focusing on that right now.”

Of course, he also recognizes his dad’s legacy across a multitude of industries, including bodybuilding, which Joseph has also taken a liking to.

“I mean, my dad is a stallion. He’s a man’s man, I like to think, and I look up to him a lot,” Joseph added. “So in a way, he’s influenced a lot of things: the path that I have taken with acting, with fitness and my physique and the many other things that I’m doing.”

As for his future developments, Joseph will be doing what his father did when Arnold was his age – lifting weights, keeping a strict diet and making appearances on screen. One of Joseph’s upcoming roles will be in Bitflix’s Lava.

“It’s a fun horror thriller,” he explained. “Basically, these girls come into town into Hawaii, meet these group of guys that are freedivers and we take them on a little trip.”

The only question is whether he’ll start a career in politics once he’s finished with the film scene.