Arnold Schwarzenegger Looks Absolutely Tiny in Photo with Shaq

by Megan Molseed

Very few can tower over the great Arnold Schwarzenegger…but the movie-star turned politician has found one of the few men in the world that can do that – former Los Angeles Laker superstar athlete, rapper, and movie star, Shaquille O’Neal.

And, thankfully, Schwarzenegger gave all of his fans a treat when he shared this hilarious size difference on his social media for us all to see.

“Great to see my friend @shaq in Columbus,” Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the Sunday afternoon Instagram post.

‘Although I don’t know why he always insists on standing on a 2 foot box when he’s with me,” the Terminator star joked.

The fun photograph was taken during this weekend’s 2021 Arnold Sports Festival. The Columbus Ohio event was originally scheduled to begin in the spring; however, it was postponed until this fall, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arnold Schwarzenegger developed this event, one of the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions world-wide over thirty years ago, back in 1989.

“I’m here for the @arnoldsports,” Schwarzenegger said in the Instagram post.

“he’s here to do a fantastic DJ show,” the actor continued of his basketballer friend. “We used to share an office years ago and I love seeing his continued success.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Shaq Create An Iconic Pic

The photo is likely one that will be a favorite for the ages, featuring a grinning Shaq standing next to the Schwarzenegger showing off quite a bit of a height difference.

The seven-foot-tall basketballer towers over the former California governor, who stands at impressive six-foot-two inches, himself.

Of course, we all know that despite Arnold Swarzenegger’s amazing build, Shaq likely towers over everyone he meets…even Swarzenegger.

Like ‘Twins!’

Not only did we enjoy this one-of-a-kind photo, sharing the comical size difference between the iconic body-builder action star and the supersized NBA legend, but Schwarzenegger’s own sons, Joseph and Patrick, did as well. And, they let their father know how amused they were with the photo in the most hilarious way.

“Kinda like the Twins poster !!” Patrick Swarzenegger joked on his father’s Insta pic.

Schwarzenegger’s son then added a cry-laugh emoji. This comment, of course, is a hysterical – and very fitting – reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1988 hit blockbuster film Twins.

This wildly popular film, features the body-builder portraying a long-lost twin to the short, and pudgy Danny Devito. In total, the film earned over $216 million worldwide.

Another one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sons, Joseph Baena, put in his two senses, commenting on the weekend photo.

“When is @shaq doing his guest posing routine?” the movie star’s son asks; clearly angling for the athlete to get involved in the Schwarzenegger family’s passion for bodybuilding.