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Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalls Danny DeVito Getting Him High as a Prank: ‘Stoned Out of My Mind’

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Roberto Pfeil/picture alliance via Getty Images)

You often hear about actors pranking one another on movie sets, but some seem to be guilty of it more frequently than others. Danny DeVito falls into the latter camp, once getting Arnold Schwarzenegger so high he recalled being “stoned out of my mind.”

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about the Twins sequel, Schwarzenegger covered bodybuilding, pets, and the movie. Early on in the interview, Kimmel asks about pranks on the set since DeVito is known to indulge. Schwarzenegger laughs and says he enjoys them too before talking about an incident while filming Junior. DeVito invited Schwarzenegger to his trailer for food and cigars, only to lace the bodybuilder’s with marijuana. When it came time to film again, Schwarzenegger was “stoned out of my mind,” leading to hilarity.

“We get to the set and continue on with the scene,” Arnold Schwarzenegger began. “I forgot my lines. I’m standing in front of the camera, it’s a close-up of me, Danny’s behind the camera. The director says, ‘Action’ and I said, ‘Um… what am I supposed to say?’ ‘Well, we continue on with the scene, Arnold, that we filmed before lunch. Remember the scene where you and Danny were talking about going out and you’re now pregnant and all of these kind of things?’”

Suffice to say, Arnold did not remember. “I had to go to the script supervisor to check out the script – I totally forgot everything. [I] find out an hour-and-a-half later when I finally start remembering things again that Danny put some marijuana in the front of the cigar. I was stoned out of my mind.”

Funnily enough, Schwarzenegger tried doing the same, but after DeVito sniffed the cigar, he immediately said “Ah, there’s some grass in it.”

Sylvester Stallone Enjoyed Pranking Dolph Lundgren on ‘The Expendables’

It appears Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are far from the only movie stars who seem fond of pranking one another. A few months ago, Dolph Lundgren revealed Sylvester Stallone loved doing the same while filming The Expendables.

Late last year, Dolph Lundgren spoke with Looper about his new film, Castle Falls. Since The Expendables 4 was also being made, the outlet spoke to him about his experience working with Stallone. The two have a great working relationship to the point Stallone enjoys pranking Lundgren when the opportunity presents itself. One, in particular, stood out to Lundgren, which he happily discussed.

“On the first one, there is the first scene of the movie,” Lundgren began. “It was great to work with Sly again, because I worked on setting it out in the first scene in the movie. I’m telling this joke that he wrote, of course, and then I show up, and I blow this pirate away. So tell him this joke. And try like four or five takes and Sly is like [goes into a perfectly nuanced Sylvester Stallone impersonation] ‘Do the joke.’ Finally. 15 takes. This is driving me crazy. I could kill this guy. Embarrassing.”

Shooting scenes again are commonplace in movies, but as it turns out, Stallone was fine with the first take. He made Lundgren do it again and again for his own amusement.