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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals He’s Gone Mostly Meat-Free for Past Five Years

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International)

Looking at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physique, you’re probably inclined to believe he eats exuberant amounts of meat to reach his protein macros. However, he revealed he eats very little meat now. In fact, he hasn’t eaten much of it at all within the past five years.

In his email newsletter that Insider obtained, Schwarzenegger disclosed he’s been eating a mostly plant-based diet for years. The famed bodybuilder and actor said it significantly lowered his cholesterol. Specifically, 80 percent of his diet was vegan. Although he did say he makes exceptions now and then for steak or Austrian wiener schnitzel.

Those who subscribe to his newsletter know Schwarzenegger is a big advocate of adhering to a vegan diet for health. Additionally, he said he makes him feel “healthier and younger overall,” as well as reduces LDL cholesterol. Doctors frequently call this “bad” cholesterol because it’s linked to heart disease risk. “My bad cholesterol number is so low that my doctor thought I might be a different person,” Schwarzenegger said in the newsletter.

Fatty cuts of meat, processed meats, and dairy products like cheese are all linked to higher “bad” cholesterol levels. Conversely, vegetables like leafy greens, as well as whole grains, berries, and walnuts, help lower it.

Concluding the newsletter, and to the surprise of no one, Arnold Schwarzenegger supplements this diet with exercise. His workout split is six days a week now, hitting a different body part each day.

Considering he’s 74-years-old and likely in better shape than most people a third his age, I’m a little tempted to try the diet myself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Recently Mourned the Death of his Idol and Inspiration

On the subject of working out, just as Arnold Schwarzenegger inspires others to become bodybuilders, one of his own inspirations recently passed away. Late last year, he paid tribute to bodybuilding icon Dave Draper.

Former Mr. Universe Dave Draper passed away in late November 2021. Taking to Twitter, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his grief and how Draper inspired so many people. “Dave Draper was an inspiration to millions of people all over the world, including me,” the first tweet reads. “He was one of my idols. In Austria, I kept his photo on the wall above my bed for motivation, and when I saw him starring in “Don’t Make Waves”, I thought,My dreams are possible.”

That’s not all though. Schwarzenegger also shared his own interactions with Draper and how it was a dream come true for him. “When I got to America and finally met Dave, I learned his heart was as big as his pecs. He even hand-built my first furniture when I moved to Santa Monica, and man, he was talented. Can you imagine meeting your idol, becoming his training partner and traveling the world together?”