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Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Story of the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for for J/P HRO Gala)

Every year, a different national forest is selected to provide the Christmas tree to proudly appear on the U.S. Capitol’s lawn. This year, Arnold Schwarzenegger detailed the story of how the tree came to be in an emotional video likening its story to our country’s.

Yesterday, Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Twitter to share the story of this year’s U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. Posting a touching video just over two minutes long, it details the struggle the tree endured. Schwarzenegger compared its troubles to our country’s, noting how both are resilient and strong.

“I love the rangers and the firefighters and all who protect our national parks and forests” Schwarzenegger begins in the clip. “They save lives and wildlife. They save homes and they save trees. And they saved the Christmas tree that, this year, will proudly stand in front of the United States Capitol whose shining white dome represents our democracy.”

He then discloses this year’s tree grew in Six Rivers National Forest in California. Miraculously, it survived the plethora of intense fires that ravaged the state this year. Schwarzenegger then mentions the adversity it faced, much like many of us have in the United States this year.

He continues, saying “We are like this tree and yet, here’s the great thing about America: like this tree, our people in our country are resilient. We were tested by the fire of insurrection and the smoke of lies and deceit. We withstood the wildfire of a deadly pandemic. So I am proud to support the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree.”

Rounding out the video, Schwarzenegger said he hopes the lights burn brighter than ever this year. He also asks everyone to stop and give thanks this Christmas.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Honors ‘Pumping Iron’ Director George Butler After His Passing

Besides being passionate about our country, one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biggest interests is bodybuilding. Being both a legendary bodybuilder and actor, he felt distressed when George Butler passed away in October. After learning about his death, Schwarzenegger penned an emotional tribute to the filmmaker.

For those who don’t know, Schwarzenegger’s acting career began largely with Pumping Iron, a bodybuilding documentary Butler directed. Posting a tribute to the late director on Twitter, he paid his respects and honored him with kind words.

Pumping Iron, the book and the movie, drew the general public into our strange little niche sport and brought fitness — and this Austrian with an unpronounceable name and a funny accent to the masses,” his statement read. “I was saddened to hear the news of George’s passing. He was such a talent, he had a fantastic eye, and he was a force for the sport of bodybuilding and the fitness crusade. My thoughts are with his family.”