‘Arthur’ Revival Could Be Coming After Uproar from Cancellation

by Leanne Stahulak

After 25 successful seasons, the well-loved children’s show “Arthur” has officially been canceled. But there may be hope yet for young Arthur.

Following an eight-year-old aardvark and his group of friends, the show focuses on educating children and exposing them to real-life issues that kids face in and out of the classroom. With almost 250 episodes, it’s the longest-running animated children’s show to date. Only “The Simpsons” boasts more animated episodes and seasons.

But “Arthur” has touched the minds and hearts of so many people that there was an uproar when the news broke about the cancelation. Fans took to the internet to express their outrage, sadness, and hope that the show will continue to influence kids in the future.

PBS took notice of this attention, according to Pop Culture. The outlet shared a tweet written by the show’s official social media account, which featured a very cryptic but exciting message for fans.

“The Internet realizing ARTHUR has been on @PBSKIDS for 25 years…” account Arthur Read wrote. “…and will be there for many more years! #staytuned.”

Stay tuned for what? A reboot? A spin-off, like “Postcards from Buster?” The collage of images attached to the post shows all the different characters staring intently at their computer screens, as anxious for the news as the fans.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have to wait long to see what PBS meant by the post. They followed up the original tweet with another that read, “In the winter of 2022, the 25th and final season of ARTHUR will debut & ARTHUR will continue to be available on @PBSKIDS for years to come!”

So, no plans for a revival yet. The news is disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. With streaming becoming the new popular mode for television, it makes sense for PBS to put all the reruns out there for cable-cutters to watch.

What Do People Think About ‘Arthur’s’ Cancellation?

Fans were devastated to hear the news, especially those who grew up watching “Arthur” from a young age. Many posted heartfelt messages of goodbye and thanks to the show after hearing about the cancellation. Some are even still holding out hope for more “Arthur” content in the future.

“Thank you for the memories, and I won’t be surprised if it’s rebooted down the line,” one Twitter user wrote with a winky face emoji. Others hope to see the characters become “all grown up” like the reboot series Nickelodeon did for “Rugrats.”

Either way, show creator Kathy Waugh believes the network made a mistake in canceling the show. During an interview for the podcast “Finding DW,” Waugh confessed the show finished production two years ago.

 “Arthur should come back, and I know I’m not alone in thinking they made a mistake. I don’t know if it was a ratings issue or if it felt like it needed to be retired. To me, it felt evergreen, like it was never going to end. But it did end. We finished the last episode, Season 25, two years ago.”