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‘Assembly Required’ Drops Cheeky Tim Allen Photo, Draws Hilarious Responses From Fans

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

As it waits for official word on a second season renewal, the hit reality competition show “Assembly Required” is finding new ways to entertain fans.

The first season of “Assembly Required” wrapped up earlier this, gaining popularity as the season went along. Debuting on the History Channel, the series is hoping the network will renew the show for a second season. It certainly has the fan support to warrant another season of the Tim Allen show. “Assembly Required” reunites Allen with his former “Home Improvement” co-star, Richard Karn. Watchers of the show say the all-time great comedy duo have not lost their comedic touch in the slightest. Allen and Karn serve as hosts and judges on the show and provide comedic relief in droves when called upon. The reality show pits competitive builders again each other as they compete for big-time prizes.

With “Assembly Required” currently on hiatus, producers are using social media to keep the show on the minds of viewers. On Monday, the show tweets out a photo of Tim Allen and asks fans to caption the hilarious photo. It is safe to say that many of the show’s social media followers had a blast writing their captions.

“Time for another installment of everyone’s favorite new game show,” the social media post proclaims. “Caption this Photo!”

The tweet contains a photo of Tim Allen with a goofy grin across his face. “Assembly Required” fans were eager to come up with their own creative caption and several of them are quite funny.

“Can’t laugh. Can’t let Richard Karn know he’s funny,” a fan writes. “But if I hold it in any longer…I’ll die.”

‘Assembly Required’ Stars Hoping For Second Season

Prior to airing “Assembly Required,” Tim Allen filmed the final season of his hit sitcom “Last Man Standing,” earlier this year. It was bitter sweet for Allen to say goodbye to the show and especially his “Last Man Standing” character, Mike Baxter. Allen has gone on record saying it was especially tough saying goodbye to Baxter because of how well he relates to the character. The hit sitcom lasted for nine seasons before the finale aired just last month.

Allen and Karn are terrific on “Assembly Required,” reigniting the comedic spark that made “Home Improvement” one of the popular sitcoms of all time. On “Home Improvement,” Allen played bumbling tool expert and family Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. Karn played his loyal and capable sidekick Al Borland, who was often charged with cleaning up Taylor’s messes. The two co-hosted the fictional do-it-yourself instructional show “Tool Time.”

With his hit sitcom now over and “Assembly Required” currently on hiatus, Allen has found himself with ample free time. He using the time to work on his classic car collection and is currently in the process of restoring a hot rod.