‘Assembly Required’ Drops Hilarious Clip of Tim Allen’s Santa Clause While Waiting for Season 2 Renewal

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the hit reality competition show “Assembly Required” are hoping they get another season of the hilarious and entertaining show.

“Assembly Required” was a runaway hit during its very first season on the History Channel. Since the end of the first season, many have wondered why it has yet to be renewed. The show did well in the ratings and appears destined for even bigger things in the future as it looks to build up early success. The first season contains 10 high-octane episodes as the show pits competitive builders against each other. Contestants are given a wacky idea they must construct out materials they have on hand. The first season saw contestants build oddities such as a shock-absorbing food tray and the ultimate dog house. The show provided more than just a few outrageous moments that have fans hooked.

The question now is when will we hear word on a possible renewal and a second season. “Assembly Required” producers are feeling the same pain as their fans and took to social media to vent their frustrations. Using a clip from a classic Tim Allen movie, they make their point crystal clear.

“Us waiting for the History Channel to announce season 2!” the Monday tweet from “Assembly Required” says.

‘Assembly Required’ Fans Hope for Second Season

The social media post uses a scene from Tim Allen’s movie “The Santa Clause” to get its point across. The clip shows a freshly shaven Tim Allen growing a long, white beard in seconds. The tweet implies that show officials are growing tired of waiting for an official renewal announcement. Judging by responses to the tweet, “Assembly Required” has plenty of backers and supporters.

“I love the show what a great idea to do,” a fan of the show replies. “But it doesn’t have Ancient Aliens so not sure the History Channel knows what to do with it.”

“Assembly Required” reunites the all-time great comedy duo of Tim Allen and Richard Karn. The two men co-starred in the 1990s sitcom “Home Improvement” previously and have maintained their comedic chemistry. Allen and Karn serve as hosts on the show and provide comic relief in droves. Allen once said it was like he and Karn were playing real-life versions of their “Home Improvement” characters on Assembly Required. As a matter of fact, Allen played a bumbling tool enthusiast Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on the show. Karn played his faithful and competent sidekick Al Borland. Together, they hosted the fictional show “Tool Time.”