‘Assembly Required’ Drops Hilarious Video of Contestant Referring to Tim Allen’s Backside

by Thad Mitchell

The first season of History Channel’s “Assembly Required” has officially wrapped and it didn’t disappoint!

The first season of “Assembly Required’ wrapped up just recently. The reality competition is already building a sizeable fan base. The show’s concept is relatively simple and makes for a highly entertaining competition among shop class enthusiasts. The builders on the show have a flare for the dramatic and often create outrageously funny moments without even realizing it. While it is a reality competition program, the show is a comedy at heart. The following clip is proof that it is the, sometimes, unintended hilarious moments that make the show a huge hit.

With the show now heading into its first offseason, “Assembly Required” officials are using social media to keep fans engaged. The show’s Twitter account has been providing some of the first season highlights and it is a laugh riot. If you have ever wondered just how long comedy legend Tim Allen’s backside is — this tweet is for you.

“Hey ‘Made by Google,’ what size is Tim Allen’s butt?” The Wednesday afternoon social media post asks.

In the “Assembly Required” clip, the contestant puts in a lot of work in an effort to get exact measurements of Allen’s backside. Why this is necessary information that the contestant needs is unclear but it certainly makes for hilarious television. The video begins with the contestant, hailing from Tennessee, asking Google a very strange question.

‘Assembly Required’ Contestant Asks Burning Questions

The odd question mentioned above draws a giggle from “Assembly Required” co-host Richard Karn but Allen doesn’t crack a smile. That would change as the contestant doubles down on his interesting research topic. Hilarity ensues as the man continues his quest to discover the size of Allen’s derriere. Using himself as a reference, the builder attempts to compare his own buttocks to Allen’s in order to get a true measurement.

“I’m 6’4″ and he is 5’10” and I have a 15-inch butt,” the competitor says.

Allen finally gives in to the hilarious moment as the contestant continues down the rabbit hole. He excuses himself from the host’s seat to laugh it off as he pounds a table with his hand in a fit of laughter.

After a series of mathematical questions, the contestant proclaims that Allen “has a 13.8-inch butt.”

We don’t know for sure if we are getting a season two of “Assembly Required.” Fans of the show hope the wait isn’t too long.