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‘Assembly Required’ Drops New Behind the Scenes Photos of Tim Allen and Richard Karn

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Assembly Required, the new History Channel show featuring Tim Allen and Richard Karn, is giving fans a peek behind the scenes. In a series of Twitter images, fans can see how the team works together to repair items around the shop.

Though it appears as if co-host April Wilkerson is doing most of the work, as she shows them how to fix the items while they watch.

The format of the show pits three makers in their own homes to repair and improve household objects. They compete through multiple rounds until only one person each week is chosen winner and earns $5,000 and a trophy. Only a handful of episodes have aired so far, but they’re getting good reviews. The show chose to have contestants video call in because of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s unclear if the contestants will begin working in the same building once filming restrictions are lifted.

But Allen, Karn, and Wilkerson, a DIY YouTuber, all work out of Allen’s actual garage. The cars and tools in the background all belong to the Last Man Standing star. Wilkerson recently gave a tour of the backstage areas and what it’s like to film an episode of the History Channel show.

Each week, Tim Allen and company task three builders and judge the results. Wilkerson provides the technical knowledge for the show.

“This space that we’re working in is actually Tim’s personal garage, and all of the vehicles are his personal collection. He is a big car guy. [It’s] an actual workshop,” said AprilSeveral of Allen’s high-end sports cars, hot rods, rebuilt classic vehicles litter the background.

Shocking Episode of ‘Assembly Required’

The premise of Assembly Required is fairly straightforward. Garage engineers and tinkerers compete against each other in repairing and improving household items. But this week’s episode is something that the builders have likely never even thought of building before.

“You’re going to show us how to build a shock-absorbing food tray,” Allen says in the episode’s teaser trailer. If the tray isn’t durable, the contestant will be heading home, Karn tells them.

“We are going to test the durability by dropping a weight on it,” he says to make the challenge even more difficult.

The show eliminates one contestant each round. This teaser shows the contestants welding and fabricating some pretty insane-looking items. But if the previous weeks’ episodes are any indication, expect to see something unique with each build. Some of which will actually work. Others won’t.