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‘Assembly Required’ Drops Photo of Tim Allen and Richard Karn Comparing Power Tools in Parking Lot

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Assembly Required brings fans behind-the-scenes with a photo of Tim Allen and Richard Karn on set.

Since its premiere in February, Assembly Required has brought us all kinds of interesting inventions including fire extinguishers, fountains, and car washing mechanisms. Assembly Required recently shared a photo of Richard Karn and Tim Allen in a parking lot comparing tools.

Along with the photo, the show wrote, “Missed #AssemblyRequired last night? Catch up here: https://play.history.com/shows/assembly-required/season-1/episode-8… on all of Season 1 and don’t miss an ALL NEW episode TUESDAY at 10 PM on @HISTORY”

One fan commented, “It just occurred to me how much your show is pretty much what Tool Time was, you two going out & testing stuff. We should also start a petition to bring back your toolbelts as a thing.”

We definitely agree that Assembly Required would be even better if they brought back some handy tool belts.

Assembly Required Began As a Mentoring Program for Kids That Tim Allen Wanted to Create

As most of you know, Assembly Required highlights the best and brightest builders from across the country. The show follows contestants in their home workshops as they compete to rebuild everyday household items. However, that wasn’t the original concept for the show. During an interview, Tim Allen revealed that the idea for the show started with a mentoring program he wanted to develop for kids.

“I really wanted to mentor kids to get them out of trouble and to show them that there’s stuff to do with your hands to keep them active other than terrible stuff,” said Allen. “And then it developed into a show to fix stuff. And then it morphed into this.”

Allen added that it was actually his manager that suggested that Allen reach out to Karn and see if he’d be interested in joining Assembly Required.

“And in the middle of pitching it, it really took hold and my manager asked ‘Why don’t you ask Richard if he wants to get in on this?’ It just didn’t seem like something he’d be interested in even though we see each other all the time,” said Allen. “But it turns out that we both have a shared interest in celebrating those who fix things instead of break things.”

Richard Karn Says the Show Encourages People to Fix Things Instead of Throwing Them Into a ‘Trash Heap’

Tim Allen and Richard Karn certainly do share a common interest in encouraging people to rebuild items instead of just throwing them away and buying new ones. During another interview, Karn talked about the concept of Assembly Required and how Tim Allen brought it all together.

“Things break around the house and sometimes you don’t want to throw it away because it might be just a little, tiny thing that will fix it and it’ll work perfectly instead of going into a trash heap,” said Karn. “We’ve all had forms of this kind of a show in our heads, but Tim was able to bring it to fruition.”