‘Assembly Required’: Full Episode 1 Recap of Tim Allen and Richard Karn’s New Show

by Kayla Zadel

Charge up those drills and sharpen those hammering skills. Tim Allen and Richard Karn are officially back together. These two fixer-uppers are teaming up on their new reality competition show “Assembly Required.”

The first episode aired last night (Feb. 23) that’s hosted by the two former co-stars. During each episode, three of the best builders square off against one another as they complete a series of builds. Then, each project is judged on quality, design, and functionality.

However, due to the current pandemic, each contestant competes from their own home shops. Then Tim Allen and Richard Karn virtually pop in to fulfill their jobs as co-hosts and offer commentary. Additionally, they oversee the builders’ work for two of the builds. DIY YouTuber April Wilkerson also joins “Assembly Required” as the “resident expert.”

‘Assembly Required’ Episode 1 Breakdown

The first episode of “Assembly Required” features three different skillssets.

First up, according to TV Line, “Alex, a former marine who builds scale models for architects; Jesse, a jack of all trades who is ‘pretty dang good’ at a little bit of everything; and Sean, a metal sculptor whose unkempt hair drove Allen mad.”

The show kicked off with the Make of Break Challenge. It consists of a 90-minute mystery crate project, which happened to be constructing a Class-A fire extinguisher, as well as a backpack to carry it. Alex, Jesse, and Sean could only use the items in the crate and the resources in their shops. When the time was up, the builders were judged by if their project could put out a flame with a stream of water. The wrinkle, the three contestants only got one chance. Therefore, the two makers with the most effective fire extinguishers advance to Round 2.

Sean’s build was at the top of Allen’s list for functionality. Additionally, Alex’s had the competition beat when it came to design. Coincidentally, Jesse was eliminated because the extinguisher lacked water pressure to complete the challenge.

Round 2, Run With It Challenge

“Assembly Required” round 2 consists of the Run With It Challenge. This time, Sean and Alex had 5 days to build an all-season leaf blower and ice melter.

Ahead of the round, the two builders were sent an intact leaf blower to use as the base. They could disassemble the leaf blower, as well as repurpose parts used for their builds in Round 1. However, Sean and Alex were thrown an unknown curveball. April had tinkered with the spark plug in each blower. Allen and Karn waited anxiously to find out whether Alex and Sean would discover the disconnect, and more importantly, fix it.

Once the project was complete, the newly-crafted all-season tool was shipped back to the “Assembly Required” studio. Tim Allen and Richard Karn put these tools to the test. According to TV Line, both all-season tools were impressively built.

“Alex modeled his all-season blower after a North American P-51 Mustang; Sean encased his entire machine in hand-hammered steel,” the publication states.

Both Alex and Sean’s builds passed the functionality test as well. But it was Seans’s World War II inspired blower that could melt four-inch icicles when put to the test. As a result, Sean walked away with the $5,000 cash prize.

 “Assembly Required,” airs on the History Channel on Tuesdays at 10 pm/9 CST.