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’Assembly Required’: Go Behind the Scenes of the Building Competition Show

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Leon Bennett/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Tim Allen and Richard Karn have teamed up again to bring us a great new show. “Assembly Required,” is a building competition show that puts the ingenuity and crafting skills of three contestants against one another each episode. Each contestant has ninety minutes to complete a build. After that, they have to eliminate one contestant. Then, the other two have five days to complete a larger project.

It’s almost like a safer real-life version of the classic “Home Improvement” show “Tool Time,” but with more people and just as much power. They even have a highly-skilled lady to step in and answer questions for them when they get stumped. To make things better, we have a behind-the-scenes look at how the magic happens on the new show. Tim and Richard’s “resident expert” April Wilkerson gives a tour of the set in a YouTube video for The History Channel.

One of the first things you’ll notice about “Assembly Required,” is that the contestants aren’t in the same place as Tim Allen and Richard Karn. Because of pandemic precautions, they do their builds remotely and the hosts watch them on a television from the studio. While it would be cool to see the team interact with contestants in-studio, this format has its perks. For one, it allows people from across the country to compete from the comfort of their very own workspaces.

The studio is a huge building that features workstations for both Allen and Karn as well as Wilkerson. There are also several classic cars. During the tour, we find out that the contents of the studio weren’t carefully cultivated by a prop department. In fact, it’s all set up in Tim Allen’s personal garage/workshop. So, the glimpse behind-the-scenes of “Assembly Required” is also a look at the Tool Man’s real-life workspace.

April Wilkerson Talks About Her Experience on “Assembly Required”

As she walked the camera crew through the set of “Assembly Required,” April discussed her experiences on the show. Before joining Allen and Karn for the series, she had her own YouTube channel. On the channel, she does all manner of DIY projects, so she was a natural choice to be the resident expert for the show.

They have already finished the entire first season of “Assembly Required,” even though we’re still waiting on new episodes to come out every week. According to April, they kept a busy recording schedule. They would shoot one episode in the morning, break for lunch, then shoot another episode in the afternoon.

She said that over the course of recording the series, she had become more comfortable with Tim Allen and Richard Karn. In fact, by the time they finished the first season, they had gelled as a team.

You can see how naturally the “Assembly Required” team interacts in the video above. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing this team work together to entertain fans and inspire builders across the country for years to come.