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‘Assembly Required’: How Richard Karn Helped Tim Allen Create Build Off Competition

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Chris Polk/FilmMagic)

Tim Allen said he couldn’t have done Assembly Required without his former Home Improvement co-star Richard Karn. The two have undeniable chemistry, and Allen said they both brought something special to the project.

Tim Allen and executive producer Kate Fox came up with the idea for Assembly Required as a way to honor home builders. The men and women who tinker in their garages and repair things rather than replace them.

But, Allen told Parade Magazine, that when the show began production COVID-19 hit, which up-ended all of their original plans. Now, instead of bringing the builders to a big studio to work under one roof, everyone would work from home. This would put more pressure on the hosts because they couldn’t script as much of the show as they normally would.

Allen, a stand-up comic, doesn’t do much improv in his career, so having a partner he can trust like Richard Karn was vital.

“Richard has helped me to do this,” Allen said. “It’s long days and it’s ad-libbed a lot, but not really. So it’s kind of a combination of television. It was really stressful for me because I come from stand-up, which is fully rehearsed. Theater, which is rehearsed. Movies, which is, of course, rehearsed. A sitcom is kind of rehearsed. I ad-lib quite a bit in mine, and this is a merging of all that.”

That interplay between the two is part of what made Home Improvement so much fun. And seeing it again is a treat for fans.

Though, the show just finished its first season and History Channel hasn’t said if they plan to pick it up for a second season.

‘Assembly Required’ Drops Santa Clause 2 Meme

There’s nothing the producers of Assembly Required can do but wait. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have some fun while doing it.

Recently, the show dropped a meme of Tim Allen in Santa Clause 2 about what it feels like waiting for History Channel to renew the show. Apparently, the producers are just as impatient as the fans.

“Assembly Required” fan Kyle Slingo started a Change.org petition recently asking the History Channel to renew the show for Season 2.

“We are asking History to renew the show for a second [season] because not only do we love the show, we believe that it is great to see Tim & Richard back together, and the addition of April, makes a great show to sit down and actually learn something while you are watching,” Slingo posted. “So sign this petition and let’s show History that the show has a[n] amazing group of fans and it should get a Season 2!”

The petition had 492 signers as of May 16th.