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‘Assembly Required’: Meet the Cast and Builders of Tim Allen and Richard Karn’s New History Channel Show

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

If you haven’t already heard, Tim Allen reunited with his Home Improvement co-star Richard Karn for the new show Assembly Required.

Between Tim and Richard’s witty banter, and the contestant’s innovative designs, the show is pretty awesome. So here’s everything you need to about the cast and builders on Assembly Required.

Meet the Cast of Assembly Required

As most of you Outsiders already know, the cast consists of Tim Allen, Richard Karn and April Wilkerson. But let’s dive a little deeper into each cast member’s background.

The cast of Assembly Required.

April Wilkerson

April is a YouTube star who specializes in do-it-yourself woodworking and metalworking projects around the home. She started a DIY blog in 2013 and soared to fame shortly after. According to her bio on the show’s website, April “makes stuff that she wants or needs instead of buying it or hiring it out.” Amen to that, gurl! We’ve spent enough money at Home Goods to know that it’s time to start building some of this stuff ourselves.

Tim Allen

Tim Allen is the TV dad we’ve all come to know and love. He got his start as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor on the ABC sitcom Home Improvement. He’s currently starring as Mike Baxter on the final series of  Last Man Standing. Although he’s not necessarily an expert tool-man in real-life, his onset handy work has stolen the hearts of countless viewers. No, we won’t ask him for advice on handmaking a live-edge dinner table. But we definitely appreciate his hilarious banter as a host on the show.

Richard Karn

Richard Karn is once again teaming up with his onscreen best bud, Tim Allen. He played Al Borland alongside Tim on Home Improvement. The two played co-hosts of a home improvement show during the 90s. Now, they’re reuniting as actual co-hosts on a home improvement show. The world works in mysterious and beautiful ways!

Meet the Show’s Builders

Before we dive into meeting a few of the show’s builders, let’s recap what the show is all about. Assembly Required is a competition show that highlights some of the most innovative creators around the country.

Each episode of the show features a brand new set of contestants. And during every episode, the contestants compete in pre-determined building challenges. At the end of each episode, the winner receives a prize package from a sponsor and a $5,000 reward. Now, let’s meet a few of the contestants.

Clip from Episode 1 of Assembly Required

Alex Copolo

Alex was a contestant on episode one of the show. He was chosen for the show because of his expert model-building skills. Despite having no formal training, Alex’s self-taught model-making skills landed him a job at a firm 20 years ago. Since then, he’s been honing his skills for the challenge of a lifetime – a chance at the grand prize on Assembly Required.

Chris Zeppieri

Chris joins the cast during episode three of the show. He followed in the footsteps of his mom who was an interior designer and his dad who was a home remodel construction worker.

Chris spent years honing his skills as a carpenter and a mechanic before attending art school where he learned sculpting, fabrication, and welding. Despite all of his talent, Chris has one special skill that will keep his competitors at bay: friendship. According to his bio on the show’s website, “His outgoing attitude and charismatic personality will leave even his fiercest competition wanting to befriend him.” 

Austin Peters

Austin Peters is featured during episode 2 of the show. Not only can Austin build, but he can also rock. In fact, he moved to California after high school to work for Sammy Hagar of Van Halen. In his bio, Austin says that there’s one important life lesson he’s learned: “that there is a solution to every problem.”

To see if any of these competitors won their episode, and to meet more builders, check out Assembly Required. Tune in to the History channel on Tuesdays at 10/9c. You can also watch full episodes on the History channel’s website.