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‘Assembly Required’ Posts Throwback Snap of Tim Allen, Richard Karn in Another Round of ‘Caption This Photo’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Assembly Required says it’s “Time to caption this photo!” with this Home Improvement throwback of stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn.

Time to fire up those Home Improvement reruns. While the fate of Assembly Required hangs in the balance, at least we’ll always have this classic sitcom. Revisiting the original antics of longtime friends Tim Allen and Richard Karn always brings a smile to this Outsider’s face; their chemistry is unmatched.

In celebration of this, Assembly Required‘s official Twitter just hit fans with another caption contest. Monday’s edition sees this classic Tool Time shot of the duo, with Karn’s Al looking to keep Allen’s unpredictable Tim in line. This is basically the plot of every Tool Time episode within an episode of Home Improvement. And that’s why we love it!

And for those captions, fans deliver! Check out the throwback shot of Allen and Karn below, followed by the best Assembly Required fans are coming up with:

‘Assembly Required’ Captions Show How Much Fans Get Allen & Karn

Typically we Americans “save the best for last,” but where’s the fun in that? When it comes to fan captions, this one feels the best of the lot:

“Now Tim, even though you made not one, not two, but three Santa Clause movies, you know I’d make a better Santa if a fourth comes along. Perhaps you could play Topo Gigio,” offers Palmateers Mask on Twitter with a solid reference to one of the best scenes from Tim Allen’s original The Santa Claus film.

“Al would make a good mall Santa” agrees Assembly Required fan Doug G.

Follower Josh F. replies with a similar: “I don’t think so, Tim… Assembly Required sounds better than Tool Time…but you do you.”

Classic. How many times have we heard Al say “I don’t think so, Tim” on Home Improvement?

The fan captions on Twitter show how much fans get these two and love their original show together. Several followers respond with: “I don’t think so Tim…” as their entire caption. Perfect.

“Al: I think that we should do it this way Tim. Tim: My show, My show, My show!” replies another fan.

“Well now Tim… last time you did that you almost burnt the building down.” captions follower A.J.

And last but not least, fan Jo B. captions with: “When you wanna blow up stuff but the Military has to explain why you can’t have a Bazooka…”

Now there’s an inspirational poster in the making. This is also far from the first caption contest from Assembly Required. Previous examples, like this time ‘Assembly Required’ Asked Fans to Caption a Hilarious Photo of Tim Allen and Richard Karn, are equally hilarious.

Then there’s the slightly cryptic time ‘Assembly Required’ Said ‘Time for a New Game’ With Studious Richard Karn Pic. Which begs the question… Will we see another season of Assembly Required?

Outsider surely hopes so! For now, we’ll keep our best caption game on.