‘Assembly Required’: Richard Karn Gives Update on Potential Second Season

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

The Home Improvement icon offers a short update when asked by a fan if Assembly Required has any word on a possible Season 2.

Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing is now officially over. Home Improvement fans are eager for the star to return with more Assembly Required alongside the always-pleasant Richard Karn. Thankfully, Twitter exists: a place where celebrities sometimes answer the questions of societal folk.

Such is the case Friday, with one Assembly Required fan tagging both Allen and Karn in hopes of an update for Season 2.

“Any word yet on whether there will be a season 2 of @HistoryAssembly ? @ofctimallen @TheRichardKarn,” asks follower Kristin.

The good news? Richard Karn was kind enough to respond. The bad news? All he can say at the moment is “Not yet” with a sad emoji…

Color us bummed, too, Sir Richard! Season 1 may not have been a breakout smash, but it’s got terrific bones for an excellent competition-based reality show come the end of the current pandemic.

The chemistry of Allen and Karn is the stuff of TV legend, and fans would love to see more of it! Hopefully this will be the case. As of right now, however, it seems a Season 2 isn’t in the cards.

‘Assembly Required’ Not Likely to Return?

In the age of streaming, old school, television syndication-style ratings are hard to come by. Tracking streaming isn’t nearly as concrete, and still feels all over the place. For fans, the best way to get a feel for the reception of Season 1 is to look at platform and trade ratings.

Unfortunately, though, such ratings show a tepid, lukewarm-at-best reaction. Google’s user rating, which is typically the friendliest, most pedestrian of the bunch, sits at a paltry 55%. Right off the bat, that’s not a good sign.

IMDb‘s user ratings hold Assembly Required at a 6.3/10. A higher ranking, but still not strong.

Common Sense Media, which ranks shows based on their quality and their appropriateness for family viewing/children, gives the show 3 out of 5 stars. Their TV critic, Ashley Moulton, describes AR as follows:

This Home-Improvement-ified reality competition show falls a bit flat. It does feature some immensely talented fabricators, tradespeople, and makers, which are fun to watch. Allen’s hyper-masculine Tool Time shtick feels a bit out of sync with today’s sensibilities, and many of his insult-based jokes don’t quite land. Co-host Wilkerson is a breath of fresh air as a super competent maker, but Allen and Karn come across as only being interested in “more power” and not that knowledgeable about building things.

Ahsley Moulton, Common Sense Media

Widely-sourced Metacritic has no rating available for the program.

Decider, however, rates Assembly Required with a decided STREAM IT score and a positive review. So don’t lose hope for Season 2 yet, fans!