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‘Assembly Required’: Richard Karn Jokingly Reveals Name for Segment About ‘What Didn’t Make it Into the Show’

by Jon D. B.
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Home Improvement‘ alum and ‘Assembly Required’ host Richard Karn lets this fan know he’s got an excellent name for their behind-the-scenes content.

Did you catch the first episode of History Channel’s ‘Assembly Required’? The show’s premiere was a blast, and showcases Tool Time’s Tim Allen & Richard Karn back at their best.

Fans all over the world tuned in for the inaugural episode. One fan in particular took to Twitter to let the hosts know how much he enjoyed it – alongside a special request:

“I watched @HistoryAssembly last night. Fun show. Great to see you two together. Would love to see what DIDN’T make it into the show!!” tweets ‘Assembly Required’ fan Gerry Buffett. Within, he tags both hosts: beloved Home Improvement duo Tim Allen and Richard Karn.

Much to his surprise, however, one of the two hosts tweets back! And it’s none other than ‘Tool Time’s Al Borland himself, Richard Karn.

“We will call it Assembly Required After Dark,” the host lauds with a laughing emoji on his official Twitter.

‘Assembly Required’ Brings Back ‘Home Improvement’s Best

Assembly Required‘s premiere has us hoping the show is around for many years to come. The episode, which hit HISTORY Channel Tuesday, February 23 at 10/9 Central, has both Tim Allen and Richard Karn firing on all cylinders.

“I have my game-face on!” Richard Karn says to jumpstart the series.

“No… you have a badminton face on,” Allen responds sarcastically.

Oh yes, the ‘Tool Time’ duo is back – in all their satirical glory. HISTORY Channel totes the show as an epic reunion of the ‘Home Improvement’ stars as each oversees the “craziest builds in history.”

Within, ‘Assembly Required’ Contestants compete from their own workshops, the show reveals. In addition, Karn notes the judging takes place over two rounds for each episode. The victor, he says, will be chosen by a combination of “design, ingenuity, and functionality.”

Three master builders will go head-to-head for each episode of the series. The winner? Well, the winner walks away with a big ol’ cash prize – and the title of Master Craftsman! The premiere, however, did reveal that “big ol’ cash prize” to be $5,000 – so take that as you will.

“This is the pinnacle of your life!” Tim Allen lauds, regardless of the less-than-expected winnings.

“Yeah, who’s dramatic?” Karn fires back. Oh, how we’ve missed these two together in the shop.

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