‘Assembly Required’: Richard Karn Reacts to the Season One Finale

by Thad Mitchell

The first season of Assembly Required is in the books and the show has already established a nice-sized following through its inaugural season.

The show unites the legendary comedy duo of Tim Allen and Richard Karn, co-stars of the all-time great sitcom Home Improvement.

The two men kept their comedic chemistry intact despite not working together for several years. Their comedy chops and difference in styles really shine through in Assembly Required. With the first season now in the rearview mirror, the two men are speaking up about how much fun and how funny their show is. Karn took to social media recently to share with fans how much fun the show is. Responding to a tweet from The History Channel, Karn says he especially got a good laugh out of the season one finale.

“This last show made me laugh out loud,” Karn says in his social media response. “Multiple times.”

‘Assembly Required’ Will Return For Second Season

He concludes the tweet with a crying-laughing emoji, suggesting the humor drew tears of laughter. Karn was responding to a tweet thanking the Assembly Required cast for a great first season. The tweet also confirms that a second season for the show is in the works.

“Thank you for a great season everyone!” the tweet proclaims. “We hope you will be back for season two!”

The reality competition’s concept is relatively simple with contestants competing to construct unique and useful gadgets. Do-It-Yourself style Competitive builders use whatever they have on hand to complete the task assigned by the judges. The first season saw competitors build odd items like a shock-absorbing food tray and specialty landscaping machines. Once builders complete the assignment, their product then must pass various tests to move on. The Assembly Required winner is whichever contestant’s product holds up to rigorous testing.

While watching builders struggle through their projects is entertaining, it’s the comedic chops of Allen and Karn that make the show go. Both men say their new television show is among their all-time favorites.

Fans of Home Improvement certainly love the show. It brings back vibes from the classic 90s sitcom. In Home Improvement, Allen played a bumbling tool expert Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. Karn played his loyal and capable assistant Al Borland and they were co-hosts of the fictional television show “Tool Time.” With his “more power” catchphrase, Taylor obsessed over making everyday tools into more powerful utensils. His antics often resulted in catastrophe and Borland was charged with cleaning up the Tool Man’s messes.