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‘Assembly Required’ Says ‘Time for a New Game’ With Studious Richard Karn Pic

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

Assembly Required brought back one of the best television duos of the 90s. Richard Karn and Tim Allen were great together in Home Improvement. It didn’t matter if they were on the set of Tool Time or hanging out outside of work. Their chemistry was solid. Karn’s Al was the perfect straight man for Allen’s character. So, when the duo came together to host a building competition show, many fans got nostalgic feelings.

Watching Assembly Required is kind of like watching a toned-down version of Tool Time. Contestants on the show take household objects and give them a little more power. Karn and Allen even get in on some of the action. However, Tim Allen’s life is never really in danger. It’s a nice balance between bringing the classic show-inside-a-show to life and keeping their hosts alive long enough to film episodes.

Fans loved the first season of Assembly Required. However, that season ended back in April. Since then, the show’s Twitter has kept in touch with fans. Today, they posted a picture of Richard Karn writing something. In the caption, they said that it’s time for a new game. Then, they asked fans to guess what Karn is writing in the photo.

In the photo, it looks like Karn is sitting at a desk in a hotel room. There’s no telling what he is writing. However, whatever it is, he looks like he’s really focused on it.

Fans of Assembly Required Sound Off

It didn’t take long for fans of Assembly Required to assemble in the replies of the show’s tweet. They came up with some pretty hilarious guesses.

One Twitter user took the setting into account when making his guess. He said, “Note to self. My next contract has to stipulate either single hotel rooms or complementary earplugs.”

Another reply just sounds like wishful thinking, “The Assembly Required home game! Sponsored by the History Channel and IKEA.” Now, that would be cool. If fans can’t get another season, a home game would be a nice consolation prize.

Some other replies are from nostalgic fans. One writes, “How can I get Tim Allen to get us back on Home Improvement for a reboot?” The other one might be closer to the truth. They think Karn is writing his famous catchphrase, “I don’t think so Tim.”

It sounds like one fan thinks Karn has given up on Assembly Required. They said, “He’s making a list of game shows he wants to host.”

Hopefully, Richard Karn is penning a strongly-worded letter to the History Channel about renewing Assembly Required. At this point, the show is in limbo. They haven’t been canceled. However, there is no word yet on if they plan to renew the series for subsequent seasons.