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‘Assembly Required’ Season Finale Airs Tonight: What to Know About the Last Episode

by Jennifer Shea
Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

Episode 10 of “Assembly Required” airs tonight. And if you aren’t yet up to speed on the History Channel show, here’s what to know about the previous episode.

In the last episode of the show, hosts Tim Allen and Richard Karn set out to find out who could build the ultimate street sweeper. But as a first step, they asked the makers to build a set of headlights.

The results paved the way for the season finale, which airs tonight. Allen and Karn challenge the builders to construct a custuom mobile workshop. Allen says, “Give it a place and a purpose.”

Then pokes fun at Karn quipping, “Two things Richard has struggled with his entire life.”

‘Assembly Required’ Fan Petitions History Channel to Renew Show

“Assembly Required” fan Kyle Slingo started a Change.org petition recently asking the History Channel to renew the show for Season 2.

“We are asking History to renew the show for a second [season] because not only do we love the show, we believe that it is great to see Tim & Richard back together, and the addition of April, makes a great show to sit down and actually learn something while you are watching,” Slingo posted. “So sign this petition and let’s show History that the show has a[n] amazing group of fans and it should get a Season 2!”

The petition had drawn 430 signatures by Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, the official “Assembly Required” Twitter account has urged its followers to sign the petition.

“Let @History know how much you love the show!” the “Assembly Required” Twitter account added.

Allen and Karn Are Friends Offscreen, Too

Allen and Karn pal around off the show, as well – as a recent photo of the two of them hitting the links attests.

The selfie, taken by Karn and tweeted by the official “Assembly Required” Twitter account, shows Allen gritting his teeth in Karn’s face while Karn laughs. One can only guess how the golf game was going based on that moment.

Naturally, Twitter lit up with replies to the tweet, with fans ribbing the duo, making “Home Improvement” references, and tweeting clips from the pair’s earlier show. Even Allen himself jokes about how close they’ve stayed since their “Home Improvement” days. In February, he told Entertainment Tonight that he enjoys Karn’s company and wanted Karn to join him on the new show.  

“I still see Richard way too much, boy, way too much,” Allen said.

Prepping for the Season Finale

Allen tweeted Tuesday that he’s gearing up for the season finale of “Assembly Required.” There’s just one problem, Allen said.

“Looking forward to the season finale #tonight of #assemblyrequired on @HISTORY!!” Allen tweeted. “But what am I going to do with all my #tuesday nights?”

It’s a fair question. But if the petition sways the History Channel to renew the show, Allen won’t have to worry about that forever.