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‘Assembly Required’ Shares ‘Electrifying’ Photo From Season Finale

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

“Last night’s Season Finale was electrifying!” says “Assembly Required” Wednesday alongside a particularly intriguing screenshot.

Did you watch Tuesday night’s Season 1 finale? Ending our first full run with “Assembly Required,” Episode 10 was a riot as per usual.

Within Episode 10, titled “Work It,” Tim Allen and Richard Karn task their crafters with building them a mobile workbench. They never know, after all, when or where they’ll need their tools! Before the makers can hit the road, however, each needs to build a heavy-duty flashlight!

“Can the makers prove they have the skills to build on-the-go or will they get left behind?” the show asks of the finale. Hooked yet? If not, check out the incredibly unique flashlight below that one builder crafted for the “Assembly Required” finale.

“Last night’s Season Finale was electrifying! If you missed it or any episodes this season click the link to catch up!” lauds the show’s official Twitter alongside the screenshot:

And of course, if you’re looking to watch the finale, you can do so on History.com here. You will, however, need a cable provider login – or a subscription to History’s streaming service to view.

‘Was Assembly Required’s First Season Finale Also its Last?

“It was an awesome finale,” replies fan David to the show’s latest tweet. While many fans of the classic “Home Improvement” duo agree, it is still unclear whether “Assembly Required” will return to History Channel.

“@TheRichardKarn @ofctimallen @HistoryAssembly is the most innovative, cool and fun show to watch. I’m sorry this was the last episode. I hope you’ll be back in the fall,” echoes fellow fan Linda.

We hope it wasn’t the last episode! Last in Season 1, sure, but ever? It took far too long to get Tim Allen and Richard Karn back on television together. This can’t be the last we see of them!

Sadly, however, that may be the case – unless fans make their voices heard. In another recent tweet, “Assembly Required” shares a Change.org petition to get fans to “Give Assembly Required a Season 2!”

And things aren’t looking good, either. The post itself has only six likes. Which is meaningless in the grand scheme of things, sure… But it doesn’t bode well for Twitter’s interest in a Season 2.

As for the petition itself, this author was just the 450th person to sign. As I made my way through the process, four more had done the same. Even if this petition reaches 500 people today, however, that’s some remarkably lackluster momentum given its already had several days to gain traction.

Here’s to hoping, however, that television viewership ratings have been strong enough to get Tim Allen & Richard Karn’s butts back in their seats!